The STC of Ad-Dees Al-Sharqia Organizes Political Symposium for Female Activists in the District

The Local Leadership Executive Body (LLEB) of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) in the district of Ad-Dees Al-Sharqia, Hadramaut Governorate, organized on Monday a political symposium for female activists in the district under the slogan "Yemeni Conspiracy Against the People of the South and Attempts to Abort Their Revolution and Stifle Their Cause."

During the symposium, Mr. Salah Ahmed Al-Kasadi, Head of the LLEB in the district, delivered a speech on the political situation in the southern political arena and the difficult labor that the cause of the people of the South is passing through, which requires everyone to stand behind the political leadership of the STC.

Ms. Ikhlas Abdullah Maqash, Head of the Women and Child Administration in Ad-Dees Al-Sharqia, referred to the great roles of female activists of the South in the history of the Southern Revolution, thanking all female political activists for their interaction and participation in the symposium, which comes to develop their capabilities and enhance their enlightenment to participate in decision-making.

The symposium was moderated by Mr. Hassan Salmeen Omairan, Head of the Organizational Administration in the LLEB, touching on the Yemeni conspiracy against the people of the South and their revolution, explaining that it was not a coincidence but rather the result of political conflicts and a hostile culture that the Yemenis have been imbibing since ancient times.