Al-Yafei Hails Cinematic and Theatrical Works and Underscores Preserving  Southern Identity

Mr. Mukhtar Al-Yafe'y, deputy head of the National Southern Media Authority (NSMA), hailed the keenness of NSMA to encourage cinematic and theatrical works and support its various activities in preserving the southern identity and its cultural heritage.

It took place in his meeting on Sunday, at the headquarters of NSMA in the capital, Aden, with the director and writer of cinematic and theater works, Mr. Amr Gamal, in the presence of both members of the Board of Directors of NSMA, Dr. Bassem Mansour and Ms. Huda Al-Kazmi.

Mr. Al-Yafei appreciated the great success achieved in the film dubbed as the"Burdened" written and directed by the amazing Amr Gamal and officially selected to premiere in Panorama at Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival. The meeting discussed ways to advance cultural works in general, including cinematic and theatrical works in particular, and visions aimed at preserving Southern cultural heritage through these literary works.

For his part, director and writer Amr Gamal offered his thanks to Mr. Al-Yafei, praising the tireless efforts and positive roles of NSMA in this field, in addition to its keenness and interest in cultural works and its incessant support in various aspects for media and culture members, writers, actors, and playgoers.