Shabwa .. A New Era

  The inhabitants of Shabwa celebrated the inauguration of the Southern Transitional Council office in Azzan city on Tuesday, 24 October.

Azzan,from which the giant peaceful movement of Hirak immerged and was penalised , by being planted with terrorist groups which were created and nurtured by Sanaa regime,who have declare it as a terrorist emirate for several times over the past years.

'Azzan prevailed for Shabwa by launching the southern movement of the 'Hirak ,and by  establishing security and stability and defeating  the terrorist forces thanks to the support of the Arab coalition and the greatness of Shabwa 'Alnokhba Alshabwanih', Elite  Forces.

The inauguration of the local STC headquarters in Azzan - Shabwa governorate  with the participation of the elite forces , signals a new era entitling them political and security integration  transfering  them steadily ahead for the institution-building of the Southern Transitional Council.

Moreover, the southern resistance premises in the capital "Ataq" had been chosen to be the local STC headquarters of Shabwa .

Salem Thabet Al Awlaki

Spokesman for the Southern Transitional Council

Member of the STC Presidency