STC Foreign Affairs Holds Regular Meeting and Discusses Recent Developments and Position Threreof

The Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Authority (FAEA) of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) held its regular meeting today, Sunday, at its headquarters in the capital, Aden, chaired by Dr. Saleh Al-Haj, Director of the FAEA.

The meeting, held in the presence of Mr. Anis Al-Sharafi, Deputy Director of the FAEA, discussed the latest political, military, security, and economic developments on the local and regional scene and the position of the STC on these developments.

Similarly, the meeting reaffirmed the STC's unwavering support for the peace process, highlighting that an end to the Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist escalation in the Red Sea and the ongoing mobilization on the border fronts of the South is a fundamental prerequisite for any political process.

Furthermore, the meeting listened to a detailed report from the International Organizations and Human Rights Department on its participation in workshops held in the capital, Aden, and the results of its field visits to a number of government ministries to coordinate joint work.

The meeting also reviewed the plans of geographical departments and the working mechanisms of their heads with representatives in the countries of their destination, as the emphasis was placed on the importance of circulating political orientations and updates to overseas representatives, as well as keeping abreast of international studies and research.

In another context, the meeting discussed the obstacles and challenges facing the work of the departments and sections and ways to overcome them in a way that ensures the achievement of the aspired goals.

The meeting stressed the need to strengthen administrative effectiveness and improve the performance of departments and sections, while emphasizing the importance of evaluating and developing work in line with the STC's foreign policy and the aspirations of the people of the South.