Clarification regarding Jeddah dialogue

2020-04-03 06:21:41

Official Spokesman

Clarification regarding Jeddah dialogue

5 months before
Clarification regarding Jeddah dialogue

The Southern Transitional Council and its leadership are in Saudi Arabia within warm welcome from the Kingdom's leadership, it is an essential step towards supporting the Arab project in the region, the project that Southerners supported and won, and did not fail it when others did.

We will be with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and UAE, and with their leadership to the dialogue, and the Arab project will win, just as our southern national project will win.

We assure everyone that dialogue is still going on, and we must not pay attention to leaks through sites or mislead channels such as Al-Jazeera and others, which come within the penetration of the Muslim Brotherhood to these media institutions, to employ and guide them politically to thwart the Kingdom's efforts in the success of the dialogue, they are trying by various means to obstruct the steps of the dialogue, and to demolish everything that has been built.

Forgetting that the southerners are steadfast on the ground, as they are the owners of the land remain dominant of it and in love with it, so it will support them in every step they take.

Eng. Nizar Haitham

Official spokesman of the Southern Transitional Council