The International Workshop on the Southern Issue Concluded Today

2020-01-24 08:18:42

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The International Workshop on the Southern Issue Concluded Today

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The International Workshop on the Southern Issue Concluded Today

Earlier today, the workshop on the Southern issue organized by Chatham House , British Royal Institute of International Affairs, called  ‘Political Dynamics and Diplomatic Engagement in Southern Yemen’ , at  the Jordanian capital  Amman, concluded.


A number of southern representatives participated at the workshop which lasted for two days, where Mr Adnan Alkaff represented the Southern Transitional Council.

Participants were   broken into three working groups to discuss key issues related to the south, and develop policy pitches on mechanisms to better communicate with and engage southern leaders and groups.
The workshop started on Tuesday chaired by Mr. Thanos Petouris, SOAS, and University of London

The first session was on, ‘Southern Yemen in Historical Context’.

The People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen (PDRY) was a 23-year experiment in socialist state-building on the southwestern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. What were the country’s internal dynamics, what drove unity with the north - and the formation of Hirak.

The speakers at this session were, Noel Brehony, Menas Associates, Helen Lackner, SOAS, University of London and Mohammed bin Wazir al-Aulaqi, Independent Researcher.


The second session was chaired by Natasha Bolger, Foreign & Commonwealth Office

 ‘ Yemen’s Transition and Southern Frustrations’.   Since the civil war began, key issues that arose during the transitional period of 2012-2014 have often been overlooked. The session looked at the transition in general, with a particular focus on southern inclusion or lack of therein.

Speakers of that session were Martin Jerrett, Foreign & Commonwealth Office ,Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak, Yemen Ambassador to USA and Saud al-Sarhan, King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies.


The third session in the workshop was chaired by, April Alley, International Crisis Group, ‘The Current Context’. Speakers provided an overview of the formation of key militias and other groups during the early days of the civil war, and the current context. The speakers were Peter Salisbury, Chatham House

Saeed al-Batati, Independent Journalist

Ghaida al-Rashidi, Sanaa Center for Strategic Studies


The fourth session was chaired by Marie-Christine Heinze, CARPO, ‘International Perspectives and Engagement with the South’. How has the international community historically approached the south, and what if anything is changing now? How do leaders in the south perceive the international community?

Speakers for that session were Peter Rice, United Nations

Hadeel Baksh, Independent Researcher Adnan al-Kaff, Economic Adviser, Southern Transitional Council and Haifa AlMaashi, b’huth.