Recognition of failure is a virtue

2020-06-03 01:00:23

Official Spokesman

Recognition of failure is a virtue

2 years before
Recognition of failure is a virtue

the official spokesman of the Southern Transitional Council  Salem
Thabet Al Awlaki called the legitimate government to assume its
responsibilities and not to blame others for its failure in running the
affairs of the capital Aden and the liberated southern  provinces.

Awlaki said : We were hoping to have some kind of answers from the
yemeni deputy prime minister and minister of foreign affairs Dr.
Abdulmalik Al -Makhlafi on the reason for the deterioration of services 
and the suffering of people in Aden and the other southern cities  in his 
interview on  «Aden Sky Channel »  but conversely, he escaped from the
answers as the other government officials who always resort to justify
the catastrophic failure of their government in running the liberated
provinces .

In refuting Al -Makhlafi's saying that "there are those who see the
stability of the situation in Aden will weaken his dream in scission that's
why  they make up a chaos " Awlaki said that Al -Makhlafi charges the
southerners with default for demanding the independence of the South
but he said nothing about the reasons behind the degradation of
services in an ambiguous answer to escape from several facts known to
everyone, most of all , the failure of legitimacy to solve services issue .

Al Awlaki affirmed that the souterners are not involved neither in the
overwhelming chaos nor in the deterioration of services adding that
terrorism is a modern image of chaos and that the Southerners alone
fought terrorism and dried most of its sources at the time when the US
treasury department was putting some officials of the legitimacy on its
black lists.