Presidency of STC stresses importance of ordering situation in Shabwa upon outcomes of Riyadh Agreement

2021-12-02 10:43:09

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Presidency of STC stresses importance of ordering situation in Shabwa upon outcomes of Riyadh Agreement

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Presidency of STC stresses importance of ordering situation in Shabwa upon outcomes of Riyadh Agreement

The Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) held its meeting on Monday, chaired by Major General Ahmed Saeed Bin Brik, Acting President of the Council, Chairman of the National Assembly.

In its meeting, the Presidency discussed the general political, military, and security developments, in light of the report submitted by the Decision Making Support Center. In this regard, the Presidency warned against the consequences of the military and security escalation in Shabwa governorate, where Brotherhood leaderships seek to suppress the popular will of the people of the governorate, which has been expressed in the massive popular gathering in Al-Wattah area on 16 November.

The Presidency stressed the need to quickly organizing the conditions of the governorate and its leadership according to the Riyadh Agreement, and according to a chronic mechanism, to ensure that the economic and service conditions, salaries and the administrative situation in the Central Bank are addressed, and activating the supervisory bodies with the priorities of negotiation in the political and military field, in a manner that secures the arrangement of the conditions of local authorities in the governorates of the South, and the transfer of Yemeni military forces to Marib to participate in confronting the Houthi militia, and fighting corruption and stabilizing the economic situation.

In its meeting, the Presidency reviewed the issue of attacks on lands, and recommended the governor of the capital, Aden, head of the security committee to expedite the implementation of the previous recommendations of the Presidency and speed up the formation of the specialized security body not only to deal with the lands in accordance with the directives of the judiciary and the prosecution, but also to prevent any other party from interfering in lands issues and controlling them, stressing the readiness of the Presidency of the Council to support this.

The Presidency stood in front of some behavior offensive to the work of the legal bodies, and recommended holding a meeting of the leadership of the local authority with the judicial and parliamentary authorities to expedite the settlement of cases, foremost of which are lands cases, to stop any behavior that violates the law in this field, and to hold those who violate its provisions accountable.

The Presidency also reviewed the latest preparations for the celebration of the National Southern Independence Day, November 30, and approved the celebrations in the capital, Aden, and the rest of the governorates, according to the approved plans of the General Secretariat and local leaderships in the governorates to celebrate this occasion.

At the conclusion of its meeting, the Presidency saluted the steadfastness of our fighters on all fighting fronts and their sacrifices to defend the southern borders in the face of the Houthi-Brotherhood conspiracy to undermine their freedom and dignity, calling on all officers and members of the armed forces units and southern security personnel to be more prepared and vigilant to repel these conspiracies in their various forms.