STC Secretariat Discusses Economic Landscape and Work Discipline Reports

The General Secretariat of the Presidium of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) convened its regular meeting today in the capital, Aden, chaired by Major General Kamal Hamshari, a member of the STC's Presidium and Acting Secretary-General.

The meeting discussed a detailed report on the economic and service landscape on the national scene in June 2024. The report highlighted a range of economic and service challenges, including the deterioration of living conditions and the decline in the provision of essential services.

Furthermore, the meeting reviewed a report presented by the financial and administrative department on the level of work discipline among Secretariat staff during June. The report indicated a strong commitment from the staff, which has significantly contributed to improving workflow and enhancing performance efficiency.

The meeting listened to a detailed report presented by the organizational department regarding the progress made in restructuring the STC's Local Leadership Executive Bodies (LLEB) in the districts of the South. The report touched on the challenges encountered during the restructuring process and outlined the procedural steps for its completion.

In the same context, the meeting emphasized the importance of completing the restructuring process of the LLEB in the districts of the South according to a well-established schedule to strengthen and bolster organizational work.

The meeting also reviewed and approved the minutes of its previous meeting, incorporating the remarks raised, and examined the Secretariat's weekly activity report.