STC Delegation Pays Visit to Bayhan Districts and Inspects Military Frontlines

A team of members of the Presidium of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), including Mr. Mohammed Al-Ghaithi, Brigadier General Ali Ahmed Al-Jabwani, and Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Jifri, paid a visit to the Bayhan districts of Shabwa Governorate to inspect the Southern Armed Forces picketed on the fighting frontlines.

The delegation of the STC's Presidium conveyed the greetings of the leadership of the STC, represented by President Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, President of the STC, and his congratulations to the fighters stationed on the frontlines on the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan.

They listened to a detailed briefing on the overall field and the operational situation along the theater of combat operations on the battle frontlines in Bayhan districts. Moreover, they were briefed on the conditions of the heroic fighters of the Southern Armed Forces and their high morale, courage, and readiness to confront the rogue Houthi militias.

The members of the Presidium highly lauded the military support and supervision provided by the official brothers in the United Arab Emirates, affirming that this heroic role will definitely remain engraved in the memory of history and future generations, commending the heroic epics that the people of Bayhan districts have been making since 2015 and the level of discipline and efficiency that have been seen there, as well as the exerted efforts and tangible achievements in various aspects.

The delegation, accompanied by Mr. Abdulaziz bin Laksar, Head of the Local Leadership Executive Body (LLEB) of the STC in Shabwa, Mr. Nasser Huwaider, Head of the Defense Committee, Mr. Ahmed Nasser Baawadah, Head of the Thought and Guidance Committee, and a number of sheikhs and social figures in the governorate, visited the 3rd Shabwa Defense Brigade stationed in the Bayhan districts and attended a military parade to showcase their combat readiness to conduct any tasks assigned to them.