Political Statement Issued by Presidium of the STC Held in the Capital, Aden

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

The Presidium of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) held its periodic meeting on Tuesday, June 13, 2023, chaired by Major General Ahmed Saeed bin Brik, Vice President of the STC and Chairman of the National Assembly, in the capital of the south, Aden.

The meeting stood before the general situation in the South in various fields and levels, foremost of which is the deteriorating living situation and basic public services that have exhausted citizens of the South in all the governorates and which are getting worse in light of the systematic ill-plans adopted by the hostile forces to subjugate the people of the South, weaken their leadership and its popular and political support, and undermine the resolve of the armed forces and Southern Security to make it easier for them to pass their conspiratorial schemes to undermine the national gains of the South and the ultimate sacrifices of its people. The meeting issued an important political statement as follows:

O great, patient, and uncompromisingly struggling people of the South, the Presidium of the STC has stood today in before the rapid developments of events and their serious catastrophic repercussions that target the South, both land and people, after the government of systemic corruption and its premier have exhausted the publuc treasurey of the country and brought the situation to the brink of bankruptcy to further impoverish and finish off people’s lives simultaneously with the military repercussions and the military mobilization on the borders of the South by the terrorist Houthi militia and the apparent cooperation with the terrorist groups with its various names, al-Qaeda and ISIS, and the non-stopped attack on the southern forces, the latest of which was the terrorist attack on the Shabwa Defense Forces.

All these serious economic, service, and military developments have simultaneously taken place after the grand success achieved by the people of the South in conducting the southern national dialogue, holding the consultative meeting, and signing the southern national charter, as well as the great political achievement in convening the sixth session of the National Assembly in the city of Al-Mukalla and the historic visit of President Aidarous Al-Zubaidi and the leadership of the STC to Hadramout, where the people of Hadhramaut were, as usual, proactive in responding to the call of duty, and their great southern political momentum not only echoed and caught the attention of the world but also made a big push in the cause of the people of the South in coincidence with the external political movement and the political entitlements of the cause of the South.

And based on the historic responsibility that the leadership of the STC has burdened, the Presidium studied this disastrous situation that has become intolerable and useless with statements, speeches, and appeals, and since the patience of the people of the South has exceeded its limits and the situation has become unbearable, we know that this silence is of the bravemen and not the opposite. And that this patience is well-seated with consciousness, wisdom, and realization so that the enemies and foes of the South do not fulfill their aims to make the South an arena of chaos, turmoil, and fighting and to let terrorist organizations find their way to make Aden and the South a hotbed of terrorism.

O Great People of the South

Due to these miserable conditions that have been produced by a government that does not have the slightest sense of responsibility and its premier, as this irresponsibility has frequently been described and explained but in vain, and since the Presidium of the STC proceeds from its literature, foundations, and documents to affirm today with clarity and transparency that the administration of the South by its people with a national partnership as per the National Charter, a partnership that turns words into deeds by virtue of necessity in this critical stage. Therefore, the Presidium of the STC puts the final touches and practical mechanisms in place for the work of the Southern Executive Leadership, which was formed by a presidential decree from President Aidarous Al-Zubaidi and has begun to carry out its duties right ahead.

In this respect, the Presidium applauds the decision of the governor of the capital, Aden, Mr. Ahmed Hamid Lamlas, who decided to use the revenues of the capital, Aden, to cover the requirements of the public services of the capital, which is experiencing a catastrophic and tragic situation without electricity in a deadly summer, sky-rocketing prices, and deteriorating services.

At the same time, the Presidium calls on the governors of the governorates to take similar decisions in the governorates of the South.

On the military and security side, the Presidium commends the heroic stances of the heroes of the southern armed and security forces, in their various formations, and urges them to be more vigilant, alert, and fully prepared to face possible developments hatched by the enemies of the South.

Accordingly, and in the face of what is required in the emergency situation, the Presidium decided to remain in open-ended meetings and instructed all the bodies, commissions, and institutions of the

STC to remain in open-ended meetings until further notice.