STC's General Directorate of Foreign Affairs Holds Periodic Meeting Chaired by Al-Ghaithi

Mr. Mohammed al-Ghaithi, Director of the General Directorate of Foreign Affairs (GDFA) of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), chaired on Thursday the regularly scheduled meeting of the GDFA to discuss the political developments on the national and regional arenas.

At the meeting, which was attended by heads of departments in the capital, Aden, and, through videoconferencing, representatives of its offices abroad, Mr. Al-Ghaithi conveyed the greetings of President Aidaroos Qassem Al-Zubaidi, President of the STC, and gave a briefing on the political situation in the landscape of the South and developments related to the work and activity of the STC.

Likewise, the meeting discussed the latest political developments in the entire region, at the forefront of which was the Saudi-Iranian agreement mediated by the People's Republic of China. As GDFA renewed the STC's welcome to the Saudi-Iranian deal, it stressed the importance of this agreement in increasing the chances of de-escalation in the region, leading to a lasting peace, by ceasing Iranian blatant interference in the entire region, represented by supporting militias and chaos, on top of which is the Houthi terrorist militia.

Mr. Al-Ghaithi highlighted the position of the STC in supporting peace efforts, noting that underscoring a solution and lasting peace can be achieved through a comprehensive political process that sets a special framework for the cause of the people of the South in the negotiations to cease the war and the political process in a way that guarantees the right of the people of the South to restore their state.

The meeting indicated that the Houthi terrorist militia's aggressive escalation during the past few days on the borders of the South in Al-Dhalea, Beihan, Karesh, and Yafe'a, in conjunction with the suspicious movements of terrorist elements to target the southern armed forces in the Shabwa and Abyan governorates, reflects the lack of seriousness of the Houthi militia to positively engage in de-escalation endeavours, and the common goals of these extremist groups and their quest to continuously target the South and its people.

The meeting listened to a briefing by the head of the International Organizations Department and representatives of the Directorate in the Federal Republic of Germany and the Russian Federation about their activities during the month of February 2023.

The meeting, too, reviewed a range of topics and issues related to the work and tasks of the GDFA, as its director and heads have praised the GDFA's staff and representatives, urging them to make more efforts to promote the cause of the South in various international fora.