Important statement issued by Southern Transitional Council about operation of liberating Shabwa from Houthi militias

In the name of Allah the Merciful

With the help of Allah Almighty, and thanks to the great sacrifices made by the heroes of our valiant southern armed forces, led by the heroes of the Southern Giants Brigades and the Southern Resistance from the people of the districts of Bayhan, Shabwa and the South in general, we announce today the liberation of the districts of Bayhan, Shabwa and the expulsion of all the aggressor terrorist Houthi militias out of the lands of the South.

As we condemn and denounce all the aggressive practices and heinous crimes committed by these atrocious militias, we affirm that Bayhan today has become immune by the sacrifices of the heroes of our valiant armed forces.

We salute the heroes of the Giants forces and the southern resistance and the heroes of all our southern armed forces on various frontlines, and we hold on their hands, and we ask Allah Almighty to bless our honorable martyrs and accept them in mercy and forgiveness and to heal the wounded.

We affirm that we are continuing our efforts to protect and secure Shabwa and the South from terrorism and to cut off the aggressor forces and terrorist organizations aimed at dropping Shabwa and the South into chaos and conflicts.

We affirm that we will continue to fight the Houthi militia alongside the Arab Coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to complete the achievement of the objectives of Decisive Storm.

We call on all the people of the three districts of Bayhan to practice their normal lives, and we stress that Shabwa is moving towards achieving security and stability.

We affirm our support to the governor of Shabwa governorate, Mr.  Awad Mohammed bin Al-Wazir, to heal the wounds of war, and what was left from the practices of the frivolous forces over the past years, in a way that contributes to strengthening cohesion and fraternity among the people of Shabwa and in a manner that achieves harmony, solidarity and cohesion on the basis of reconciliation, tolerance and southern solidarity.

We affirm the move forward towards the liberation of Mukairas district from the control of the Houthi militias, and the purification of all lands of the South from terrorist organizations, and we call upon all segments of our great southern people to unite, bond and close the ranks to face challenges and risks, and support the southern armed forces to secure the South and preserve public and private interests in every inch of the land of the South.

The Southern Transitional Council affirms its support for all efforts made to end all issues of revenge and tribal conflicts and to give priority to the higher national interest of the South.

Ali Abdullah Al-Kathiri

Official Spokesperson of the Southern Transitional Council

Member of the Council Presidency