Press Statement

2021-12-02 10:32:39

Official Spokesman

Press Statement

1 year before
Press Statement

While the head and members of the Negotiation Affairs Unit and the Southern Transitional Council team were in the Joint Committee for the Implementation of the Riyadh Agreement Dr. Nasser Al-Khubaji, Mr. Abdul Rahman Sheikh, Mr. Anis Al-Sharafi, as well as the Security Director of Aden the Capital, Major General Shallal Ali Shai, and the media activist, and the editor-in-chief of the Aden 24 newspaper, Mr. Mokhtar Al-Yafi, are returning to the homeland to practice their national duties from within the homeland, they were surprised that the authorities at Queen Alia International Airport in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan informed them that the leadership of the Arab Coalition refused to grant the plane that would take them to the capital, Aden, a permit, confirming that there is a circular by the Arab Coalition that includes a list of leaders of the Southern Transitional Council and the security director of Aden the capital, to prevent them from traveling to Aden.

In view of this, we ask the Arab Coalition leadership for clarifications about what happened, and under what justification they are forbidden to return to the homeland, and to be aware of the internal repercussions that this will entail on all levels, including efforts to bring peace.

We affirm that the presidency of the Transitional Council and its committees have committed themselves to take a constructive approach to cooperation in implementing the Riyadh Agreement, despite the failure of the other party to implement its obligations beyond all time periods specified.

In light of the permanent meeting of the leadership of the Southern Transitional Council, we hope that the people masses of our great southern people and our brave southern forces will exercise restraint until the leadership of the Transitional Council fulfills the explanatory steps with the leadership of the Arab Coalition.

Eng. Nizar Haitham

Official Spokesman for the Southern Transitional Council

Wednesday, March 11, 2020