Lamlas discusses with UN Envoy Office number of political files

2020-10-26 19:44:00

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Lamlas discusses with UN Envoy Office number of political files

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Lamlas discusses with UN Envoy Office number of political files

The Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council, Mr. Ahmed Hamed Lamlas, met on Tuesday, at the headquarter of the General Secretariat in the capital, Aden, Mr. Fadi Al-Ayoushi, officoal in charge of the Political Section of the Office of the United Nations Envoy to Yemen, Mr. Martin Griffiths, in the presence of Major General Salem Abdullah Al-Sokatri, the Assistant Secretary-General.

The Secretary General expressed his appreciation for the interest of the UN envoy in following up the situation in the south and its continuous communication with the southern leaders in this regard.

Lamlas previewed the view of the Southern Transitional Council on implementing the terms of the Riyadh Agreement, and the stalling of the other side in dealing with the efforts of the joint committee headed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to implement the term of military withdrawals.

The Secretary-General emphasized that the Southern Transitional Council withdrew its military units in Abyan governorate, while the other side did not implement any step in this aspect, and the government military brigades are still in their positions.

Lamlas reiterated the Transitional Council's adherence to the Riyadh agreement and its commitment to implement all its terms to end the war.

Lamlas expressed his counting on United Nations, represented by the Secretary-General's envoy to Yemen, Mr. Martin Griffiths, to put pressure on the other side to accelerate the implementation of all the terms of the Riyadh Agreement.

For his part, Al-Ayoushi expressed the concern of the UN envoy, Mr. Griffiths, for the slow progress of the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement, stressing on the UN envoy's keenness to follow up the developments of the Yemeni situation, including the situation in the south, and his efforts to reach a peaceful political solution to all issues on the Yemeni arena.