A year of Organizational and Political Success

2020-07-10 08:49:28

Official Spokesman

A year of Organizational and Political Success

2 years before
A year of Organizational and Political Success

 It's been a year now since Aden's Historic Announcement (May 4th) and the foundation of the Southern Transitional Council (May 11th).

A year of organizational and political success and work on the ground, thus the south becomes more present after it was on the sidelines of the dialogue and politics tables.

A year of steady work with hardness, will and determination, despite all attempts of obstruction, disruption and campaigns of abuse and misinformation. It's all thanks to Allah then to the southern people that is loyal to their cause and to their Transitional Council.

We said it to the UN envoy to Yemen and the various parties we met, We say it again, the solution of the southern cause resides in respecting the will of the southern people and their right to obtain their political merits and to accomplish the independence of their state of a new system. The withdrawal of any northen forces from the southern region is inescapable to create an appropriate political climate for a negotiation process, apart from that, the establishment of another crises and wars and the wars of 1994 and 2015 is an obvious evidence.

From now on the South will no longer be on the sidelines of the dialogue tables, the balances have changed on the ground after 2015 and there is no way to ignore the voice of the South and its people, so everyone must realize and understand this.