The Conclusion of the Human Rights Protection Workshop

2022-11-30 11:27:33

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The Conclusion of the Human Rights Protection Workshop

4 years before
The Conclusion of the Human Rights Protection Workshop

  The training workshop titled "The Role of Security Officers in the Protection of Human Rights" which was held in the capital Aden concluded today. The workshop was organized by the STC Rights and Freedoms Department where twenty officers and sub-officers of the Security Belt Forces took part in the three-day workshop, which was considered an extension of the "Human rights and security" project

  The participants were informed on the concepts of the rule of law, human rights, international legitimacy, international mechanisms for protecting human rights from violations and the legal and moral conduct that should be followed by security men when dealing with human rights issues.

  At the end of the workshop a graduation ceremony was held, which was attended by Niran Souqi member of the presidium of the STC and head of the Rights and Freedoms department. The participants received certificates for completing the workshop.

  Colonel Mohamad Abdulla Al Maleshi, Brigadier Muneer Mahmood Al Yafeie and Abu alyamama First Brigade Commander support, were honored for the efforts they presented in the success of "Human rights and security" project.

  It is worth mentioning that tomorrow Wednesday a similar three-day workshop will be held for the Security Department officers.