The Southern Transitional Council is a Real Fact

2020-06-03 00:45:04

Official Spokesman

The Southern Transitional Council is a Real Fact

2 years before
The Southern Transitional Council is a Real Fact


  The days reveal that the legitimacy does not see Sanaa as a strategic target for its battles, and does not see in the battle of Sanaa any symbolic form of sovereignty even at the lowest level of seriousness, on the contrary, it confirms with its behavior that the real battle is not with alHuthi who kidnapped the state there and imposed a fait accompli that has not changed for more than two and a half years.

  On the other side, the legitimacy tampers in many ways with the liberated areas, especially the south, to prove that its real battle is in the liberated city of Aden and not in the occupied Sanaa !.

  On the same track, the timing of the recent presidential decisions confirms that it is just a reaction to the political and popular moves of the Southern Transitional Council, especially the inauguration of the National Assembly in the southern capital , Aden. Therefore, such reactions have no value, cause its source is the failure and its fate is derived from its source, failure can not produce success. We have examples from the previous decisions that we said they would lead to nothing, as if they were not taken. Certainly, citizen is the one who bears the burden.

  The Southern Transitional Council is a real fact, there is no way to overcome it or abolish it with such minor reactions that does not amount to any political correctness, just testing of an already tested.

  The purchase of elements that attack and harm the Arab coalition countries through the Qatari and Muslim Brotherhood media outlets with ministerial appointments reveals the magnitude of the problem and how the legitimacy had been penetrated and the leaves of its tree fall off one after another, to end up exposed in the political vacuum.