The National Assembly Sends A Message Locally and Abroad

2020-06-03 00:25:35

Official Spokesman

The National Assembly Sends A Message Locally and Abroad

2 years before
 The National Assembly Sends A Message Locally and Abroad

In an organized step towards strengthening the institutional construction, this morning the 23rd of December 2017 in the capital Aden the first session of the National Assembly was held with a quorum which included a wide representation. This Forms a historical turning point in the evolution of the southern struggle, to achieve the goals of the peoples’ will in freedom, independence and building a sovereign federal south

  To confirm the Southern Transitional Council’s approach and based upon the historic declaration on May 4, 2017  in Aden,  General Ahmed Ben  Berek has been appointed as President of the National Assembly and  Dr Anis lokman appointed as Vice President .

 The formation and initiation of the National Assembly in the capital Aden at this very moment delivers many messages in the country   and abroad and particularly to the people of the south who have sacrificed a lot to free their land from the coup conspirators and the Iranian expansionist’s agenda. The people of the south are now steering the wheel of change according to a realistic political agenda which balances the affiliation with the Arab coalition, which stood by us to overcome the Houthi invasion , and the non-adherence to bargain with the southern peoples’ right to independence .

The holding of the National Assembly with the wide and varied participation is a huge and vital step in creating the southern dream based on the will of the southern people and no one has the right to sabotage that right .

The meeting is a step which gives a chance for the people of the south to, legally , democratically  and politically practice their right to be part of the decision making within the system  and it is a good chance to work and increase the efforts which reflect the essence of peace and reconciliation and to strengthen the southern internal front and to protect it from any foreign or external penetration which will result in prolonging the suffering of the people ..

In conjunction with the current situation we confirm the ideology of the STC in the war against the Iranian expansionist agenda is that of protecting the region therefore we renew the choice of the people is in choosing their route to achieve their political aims.

At  the same time we welcome the efforts of the United Nations security Council representative to Yemen and his calls for an end to the war and opening a new page which calls for peace in finding a solution which will not return us to the pre coup conspiracy circumstances,  where the legitimate government was overtaken by the militias which was followed by the ‘Decisive Storm’, but to reopen the files based on the current changes specially in the south , where the southern people have achieved its goals which it fought for and sacrificed unconditionally for it for two decades  since the unfortunate 1994 Unity war .