Al Zubaidi : Hathramout is the South and the South is Hadhramout

2020-08-09 23:58:07

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Al Zubaidi : Hathramout is the South and the South is Hadhramout

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Al Zubaidi : Hathramout is the South and the South is Hadhramout

The president of the Southern Transitional Council Maj. Gen. Eidros Qasim Al-Zubaidi, inaugurated today the National Assembly and the Local STC headquarter of  Hadramout Governorate in an open air ceremony held in Al-Mukalla City amid a massive public presence. The participants carried the southern national flags , the slogans of the Council and pictures of the STC members .
Maj. Gen. Eidros Al-Zubaidi said : We were yesterday in Shabwa, and here we are today in Hadramaut and tomorrow we will be in Al Mahara and Suqatra. The ship of the southern issue is on its mission and will not drop its anchors till it reaches safe shores. The shores of a free independent sovereign Southern state .

Al-Zubaidi added that it's a great honor to be in Al-Mukalla , the capital of Hadramout that rejects and resists obtrusive ideas and authoritarian practices and Hadramout is our guiding light and our inspiration , it's our school of moderation and peace and the school of struggle and heroism and Hadramout is the strategic depth of making the safe development future and spreading out the culture of tolerance and coexistence under the state of law, democracy and social justice.

Al-Zubaidi reiterated in his speech the STC full support to the decisions and outcomes of the extended Conference of Hadramout that drew a clear road map that doesn't bring them back again into the labyrinth of political adventures and with that roadmap Hadramout puts the solid foundations of the southern federal state that has nothing to do with the past experiences . It's the state of justice and equal citizenship which empowers youth and women as stated by the contemporary civil and humanitarian principles approved by its constitution.

He pointed out that Hadramout is the entire South, and the entire South is Hadramout, neither follower nor followed, the time of dependency,annexation and making political deals in closed rooms has gone. The people's will is on top , so there's no detraction, no exclusion, no marginalization, no looting and no attrition, but partnership, integration, interaction, solidarity and heading for the future and the construction.

The commander confirmed that this historic moment wouldn't be without the heroic exploits made by Hadramout Elite Forces with the support of the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to liberate Al-Mukalla and the coast from the grip of the terrorist groups.

Al-Zubaidi also added that the STC totally denounces the negative campaigns and all attempts to undermine the legitimacy of the security belts in all the southern governorates and rejects the hostile campaigns against the Arab coalition.
He called on the people of Hadhramout to stand by the local authority headed by major general Al bahsani the governor of Hadhramout and commander of the second military region province and to thwart all the plots machinated against his national efforts.

Basing on our national stance, Al-Zubaidi affirmed the STC rejection and resistance to the government acts of tampering and looting of Hadramaut oil in addition to not fulfill its commitments towards the governorate and the people . we call for popular escalation ,without clashes with the local authority, to resist any kind of tampering exercised by the legitimate government whether in the oil and services file or their attempts to disrupt the social fabric.

Al-Zubaidi said that the inauguration of the local STC headquarters in Hadramout is meant to build the solid foundations to put Hadramout in its natural context that goes well with its weight in the political settlement .