The STC inaugurates the National Assembly for Aden Governorate

2020-08-09 22:59:31

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The STC inaugurates the National Assembly for Aden Governorate

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The STC inaugurates the National Assembly for Aden Governorate

The  Southern Transitional Council Presidency headed by  its president Aidros  Qasim Zubaidi's inaugurated this morning  the National Assembly and local leadership for the Council in the capital Aden under the supervision of  member of the presidium and head of the Financial and Economic department Eng Adnan Alkaff.

The inauguration of the National Assembly began with verses of the Holy  Qoran followed by the Southern national  anthem and stood  a moment of silence to  recite  on the souls of the martyrs of the South.

Present at the ceremony  members of the STC  presidency , heads of a number of prominent political, economic, social, national and revolutionary’s of various components of the southern society attended the  launching  of the National Assembly of Aden. This is the first leg of the inauguration which will be followed  by similar steps during the next few days with the inauguration of the National Assembly and local leaders to the board in a number of provinces of the South.

The STC president  Al  Zubeidi, gave a speech in which he said that it gives him great pride to be inaugurating this assembly here today which  of the procedural steps in the process to establish the local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in the southern provinces of the South where the members will choose their  representatives .This will lead us to the completion of construction of the leadership  of the STC. The body which will represent the peoples aspiratins to the pre unity Southern state and its boarders 22 May 1990 .

He  Continued, “ I say in all honesty and credibility of all southerners and elite representations that there is no longer  time  for petulance and arguing over details and dialectical terms and concepts,
We all look forward to restore our people on their homeland and we're all partners in this  country and have a duty to restore it , construct it and develop it .”

He noted that the principles and objectives documented  and founded upon the  Southern Transitional Council’s announcement  in August confirmed that the National Assembly is the highest body of legislators in the Council, to discuss and approve draft documents of the Council and what has been done prior to which is approved according to those documents, believing that the STC will lead us all in shaping our own future.