Geneva: A Special Symposium on The Southern Issue

2020-08-09 23:25:44

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Geneva: A Special Symposium on The Southern Issue

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    Geneva: A Special Symposium on The Southern Issue
نصر العيسائي

A special symposium on the Southern Issue  was held on Wednesday 13th  September 2017 at the  UN Human Rights Council In Geneva it was  organized by the Southern delegation to the 36th session of the Human Rights Council.

At the symposium a number of delegations attened including the Austrailian representative.

The discussions were dominated by four papers during which Mr.Abdulrahman Al-Musibli presented the  first one on the general situation of human rights in the South. It also pointed to the negative role of the National Committee of the Yemeni government in adopting and being fair when dealing with the Southern and human rights abuses committed against the Southern people by Houthi and Saleh militias.

The second paper of  lawyer Saleh Noud which was presented at that session  was  titled ,"Justifications for the Right to self-determination of the Southern People" .

The third paper was presented by Dr. Sana Mubarak her  paper was on the social and economic roots of the Southern issue .

The forth paper was a paper  sent and prepared by Mr. Mohamed El Hadar titled "The Solution to the Yemeni Crisis ; Socotra as a model ".

It's worth mentioning that the UN Human Rights Council delegate vowed to submit the symposium recommendations to the HRC International organization.