STC Secretariat Organized Panel to Discuss Women of the South Role in State-Building

The Women and Child Department of the General Secretariat of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) organized a discussion panel today, Thursday, entitled "Southern Women under the Umbrella of the STC: Implications of Empowerment." The event was held under the patronage of STC President Aidarus Al-Zubaidi.

Ms. Ismahan Abdo Qassem, Deputy Head of the Women Commission, assisting the Presidium of the STC, delivered a speech in which she expressed her gratitude to the Women and Child Department for organizing this panel. She emphasized her belief in the crucial role of women in building the state of the South and promoting community development.

Ms. Esmahan also highlighted the STC's efforts to empower and enhance the role of southern women, enabling them to actively participate in politics. She stressed the need for concerted efforts to achieve equality and empower southern women to reach their full potential."

Ms. Yasmeen Musaed Humaid, Head of the Women and Child Department, delivered a speech emphasizing the crucial role of southern women in the revival of southern society. She described southern women as harbingers of change, symbols of strength and resilience, embodying the rich history of the South. Ms. Hamid pointed out that southern women have consistently played a pivotal role in all periods of life, particularly during the revolution of the South."

Ms. Humaid emphasized that empowering southern women under the umbrella of the STC is not merely a slogan, but a responsibility that lies on everyone's shoulders. Southern women constitute half of society and are partners in building a prosperous future for the south. Therefore, we must all work together to support the empowerment of southern women and provide them with opportunities to participate in all spheres of life. Humaid stressed. "The future of the South hinges on empowering Southern women, who are symbols of strength and resilience, capable of driving positive change in all domains.

Dr. Esmahan Ben Brik, Head of the Legislative and Legal Committee in the National Assembly, presented a paper that included an explanation of the role of Southern women during the period of the State of the South and their political participation. The paper also touched on the reality of southern women in decision-making centers and their representation in the various bodies of the STC.

The panel witnessed the active participation of women from various fields across the South. Panelists presented enlightened ideas and recommendations aimed at bolstering the role of Southern women in diverse sectors and harnessing their capabilities for state-building.

The panel discussion concluded with a set of positive outcomes. The participants agreed on a number of steps aimed at strengthening the role of women of the South and enabling them to participate effectively in various fields. The panel also highlighted the crucial role of Southern women in building a thriving Southern society and reaffirmed the STC's commitment to supporting and empowering women of the South.