STC Secretariat Reviews LLEB Restructuring Procedures in Districts of the South

The General Secretariat of the Presidium of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) reviewed the level of implementation of local leadership executive bodies (LLEB) in the governorates of the South of the procedures for restructuring the LLEB of the STC in the districts.

This came during the General Secretariat's periodic meeting held today, Thursday, in the capital, Aden, chaired by Major General Kamal Hamshari, a member of the Presidium and Acting Secretary-General.

The Secretariat stressed the importance of the LLEB in the governorates completing the data on filling the membership of the executive bodies for the local leadership of the Council in the districts, with emphasis on selecting well-qualified individuals capable of professional and national work.

The meeting discussed the two reports submitted by the organizational department, which dealt with evaluating the performance of the Secretariat's departments for the month of May, in addition to the organizational work plan for the Secretariat during the third quarter of the current year 2024.

The meeting focused on the most prominent developments in the political, military and economic fields, discussing the details of its events, where the meeting came out with a number of recommendations that will be submitted to the Presidium of the STC.

The meeting reviewed the weekly activity report of the departments of the Secretariat and the implemented tasks during the mentioned period in its various fields, in addition to the minutes of the previous meeting and approving it.