STC Assembly's Administrative Body Oversees Preparations for the Second Session in Shabwah

The administrative body of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) stressed the importance of following up on the arrangements and preparations required for convening the second session of the Assembly in Shabwah Governorate, praising all the exerted efforts by the preparatory committees to complete the technical and logistical arrangements appropriate for the convening of the session at a later date in the best possible way.

This came at the beginning of the speech of Mr. Ali Abdullah Al-Kathiri, Chairman of the Assembly, while chairing the regular meeting of the Assembly's administrative body today, Wednesday, in the presence of his deputy, Mr. Issam Abdo Ali.

The administrative body highly appreciated the warm public welcome that the people of Shabwa expressed for holding the second session in their governorate and the proactivity of the local authority and security services to ensure its convening.

During the meeting, Mr. Nasr Harhara, the Assembly's rapporteur, reviewed the previous minutes of the administrative body meeting, which were approved by those present.

At the end of its meeting, the body reviewed the recent developments in the current situation in the South, as well as a range of topics related to the work of the committees of the Assembly, and took the appropriate measures.