The STC of Mudiyah Holds Consultative Meeting for Female Activists in the District

The Women and Children Administration of the Local Leadership Executive Body (LLEB) of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) in the district of Mudiyah, Abyan Governorate, organized today, Wednesday, a consultative meeting with a number of female activists in the district.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Hassan Daha, Head of the LLEB in Mudiyah, reaffirmed the STC's interest in women and its commitment to empowering them and achieving their political rights, underscoring the importance of women's participation together with men in the unrelenting struggle to restore the state of the South.

Mr. Daha praised the efforts of women in all fields of society and their significant role in building the future of any civilization, stressing the importance of further efforts among women and highlighting their crucial role in building civilized societies.

In turn, Ms. Reem Al Jabal, Head of the Women and Child Administration, underlined the vital importance of these meetings and activities, which showcase women's effectiveness and presence in political arenas and highlight female cadres in various fields.

The Head of the Women and Children Department expressed her gratitude and appreciation to the Head of the LLEB in Mudiyah for his attention and sponsorship of such programs, and she reiterated the importance of these meetings and activities dedicated to the females in the district.

The meeting discussed various issues related to women in the governorate in general and the district in particular, as well as suggestions and ideas that enhance their pioneering role in society. The meeting aimed to crystallize these ideas to submit to the LLEB of the STC in the governorate.