Al-Muharrami Chairs Expanded Meeting with SBF Top Officers

Mr. Abdul Rahman Abu Zara'a Al-Muharrami, Deputy President of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), Vice Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC), and Commander of the Southern Giants Brigades (SGB), chaired an expanded meeting, today, Tuesday, in the capital, Aden, with the top officers of the Security Belt brigades (SBF), as part of his series of security and military meetings aimed at strengthening security and stability and integrating security roles.

At the beginning of the meeting, which was attended by Brigadier General Mohsen Al-Wali, Commander of the SBF, Al-Muharrami welcomed the security top officers and congratulated them on the blessed month of Ramadan, commending the great achievements fulfilled by the SBF in the capital, Aden, and all of the governorates of the South and their effective role in maintaining security, stability, and public tranquility.

Al-Muharrami listened to a detailed explanation from Brigadier General Al-Wali and the commanders of the Security Belt Brigades and Sectors about the security situation in the capital and the rest of the governorates where the SBF is present. In addition to that, he was briefed on the difficulties and challenges facing security work, the level of achievement in the process of qualifying and training the forces, and plans to raise security readiness and equip individuals with well-specialized skills.

The meeting discussed the efforts exerted to maintain security and stability in various governorates and possible mechanisms to raise the level of coordination between security and military units to ensure the efficient and effective implementation of the tasks assigned to each unit.

In the same context, Al-Muharrami highlighted the need for concerted efforts and integrated security and military roles to consolidate security and stability and support local authorities in carrying out the tasks entrusted to them in providing services to citizens and protecting their interests, reiterating the need for discipline and commitment to the law, and dealing responsibly with citizens and providing them with the best security services.

In turn, the top officers of the SBF expressed their thanks and appreciation to Deputy Al-Muharrami for his interest and constant follow-up on the tasks of the SBF and his continuous support to enhance the capabilities of its members, affirming their commitment to making more efforts to maintain security and stability and confront various security challenges.