Chairman of STC's Assembly Discusses Current Developments with Head of Alliance and Mass of Hadramout

Mr. Ali Abdullah Al-Kathiri, Chairman of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), met today, Monday, with lieutenant colonel Salem Mubarak Bin Sumaid'a, Head of Alliance and Mass of Hadramout for Hadramout and the South.

The meeting, which was attended by the rapporteur of the Assembly, Mr. Nasr Harhara, discussed the latest developments on the political scene, the public situation in Hadramaut Governorate, and the deterioration in daily living and services of its people, especially in electricity, in addition to the topics of employing graduates in the oil field from the people of the governorate.

During the meeting, Mr. Al-Kathiri was briefed by Bin Sumaid'a on the most important events and activities carried out by the Alliance during the past period, the contents of the technical reports of the two workshops on the future of Hadhramaut under the aspired federal state of the South, and the contribution to setting the vision of Hadhramaut in the general principles and foundations of its drafted constitution, to ensure a fair representation of Hadramaut that matches its economic value, geographical area, and population density.

The Chairman of the Assembly highlighted that Hadhramaut represents the strategic depth of the South, indicating that the STC pays special attention to the issues and demands of the people of Hadhramaut, especially the urgent ones, so that Hadhramaut can have its full and undiminished rights in all fields.

Furthermore, he pointed out that Hadhramaut today faces threats in light of the desperate attempts of the hegemonic and occupation forces to strip it from the South by hatching and sprouting up components with the aim of splitting the Hadrami ranks, threatening social peace, and circumventing the inclusive Hadhramaut Conference and its outcomes, which are a matter of consensus among all people of Hadhramaut.

The meeting was attended by the Office Head of the Chairman of the Assembly, Mr. Riyad Khaled, and Mr. Mohammad Ba-Mazaab, a member of the Assembly.