Press Release by Southern Transitional Council on National Science Day

On the ceremonial commencement of September 10th, it is National Science Day (NSD) in the South. This day, which is an important national and civilizational occasion in the history of the people of the South, is where science, teachers, and their fundamental roles in enhancing development and progress are celebrated and glorified each year.

A high-class scientific, cultural, and academic renaissance has prevailed in the South, in which dozens of scientific and research institutions and centers have been established and constructed, and hundreds of schools and educational institutions have been opened, in addition to universities that are comprehensive for all disciplines and majors.

The first Southern activists blessed the NSD with the founding of the University of Aden on September 10, 1975, after which it was announced that the first educational conference was held, in which the curricula of various stages of primary, middle, and secondary education were changed for the first time to upscale southern curricula.

The establishment of Aden University and the outcomes of the first educational conference constituted an important and new turning point in the comprehensive educational process, and this great work culminated in the declaration of zero illiteracy in 1984.

At that time, UNESCO announced in its annual report that the state of education in the South was the best in the Arabian Peninsula.

The interest of the State of the South in science and education constituted an immortal day, and it made September 10 of each year a day of knowledge and called it (NSD), in which the state celebrates with its people the honoring of distinguished and prominent students, teachers, researchers, and innovators.

However, since May 22, 1990, the day of the announcement of the so-called Yemeni Unification Project, science, knowledge, and knowledge acquisition in the South have sharply declined and become a bad reality.

Dozens of research and study centers were closed, and educational curricula in schools were changed to curricula of extremism and historical fallacies in thought, knowledge, and history, especially after the disastrous 1994 year for the people of the South.

Where free public education was confiscated, teachers were targeted intellectually and in their daily living conditions, and the people of the South were deprived of higher education in foreign universities.

The status of education has totally changed after the failed unification project, which ended with a brutal war on the South in 1994, which led to the invasion and destruction of the South, where systematic ignorance of students was practiced in all schools in the districts and governorates of the South.

The Sana'a tribal regime and the Yemeni invasion governments of the South in 1994 deliberately marginalized the education sector in all the governorates of the South, causing the collapse of the educational process after the South had been liberated from illiteracy for decades.

The policies of destroying the educational and cultural renaissance and platforms for education and knowledge by the Yemeni occupation forces are still continuing in the sectors of the state, economy, development, army, security, and services in the South.


O people of the South!

The Yemeni occupation and its conspiratorial forces are trying to undermine the South and its people's cultural and existential capabilities by obliterating their historical and national identity. For instance, it works to bring down education and knowledge in all areas of the South, especially the capital, Aden, the city of civilization, knowledge, and history.

Today we re-affirm that the restoration of education, renaissance, and development can only be possible through achieving the goal of the people of the South, represented by restoring their state with all its institutions and sovereignty over the entire territory of our southern homeland.

With all pride, we salute the pioneers of thought, education, and culture from the people of the South, and we salute the pens that triggered the light of education in the hearts and minds of our children. We also send our greetings to those great teachers, both male and female, in the schools, institutions, and universities of the South.


Long live the South, free and proud.


Issued by:

Southern Transitional Council (STC)

September 10, 2023