Aden's Historic Announcement

2023-10-04 08:38:53

Aden's Historic Announcement

 On the 4th April 2017 2017 the capital Aden embraced the most largest and unprecedented step in the political history of the South. The crowd who attended the rally represented the struggle of the peaceful Southern movement and its gallant resistance. The masses represented all the Southern people’s needs. The needs which they have been struggling for many years .There are many who have sacrificed their lives and those who are injured or maimed and those who are still imprisoned who fought to reinstate the Southern State.

The Decisive Storm and Hope war had formed a new phase in the history of the region and created a positive reality for the future of the South. With the help of the Arab Coalition the southern parts of the country was liberate and the Houthi Saleh Militias were defeated. Unfortunately those victories were not enough to win the southern resistance a place in the partnership in the political representation; on the contrary they were rewarded with being marginalized from the political participation and excluded from the governing body. The Muslim brotherhood in partnership with the governing body played a great role in excluding the Southern resistance

Based on that and from the great and brave city of Aden today, emerges the will of the people of the South the true and legitimate representative of the Southern people which expressed its position and its desire to exercise its legal right to protect and fortify the Southern issue .

Therefore the Southern people demand the following

1- The declaration is called (Aden Historic Declaration) and carries the legitimate right of the Southern People's willpower.

2- Aidroos Alzubaidi announced the formation of a national political leadership (presided by him) to manage and represent the Southern leadership the leadership which is tasked to achieve its goals and aspirations, Alzubeidi has full authority to take the necessary measures to implement the requirements of this declaration.

3-The masses pledged that the South is a home and an identity and is based on a system of compatibility and national partnership.

4-The southern resistance and the Hirak are partners supported by the deep relationship with the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.