President Al-Zubaidi delivers speech to Southern people on 52nd anniversary of Independence Day

2020-08-15 22:21:56

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President Al-Zubaidi delivers speech to Southern people on 52nd anniversary of Independence Day

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President Al-Zubaidi delivers speech to Southern people on 52nd anniversary of Independence Day

The President of the Southern Transitional Council, President Aidaroos Qasim Al-Zubaidi, addressed on Saturday a speech to the masses of our southern people at home and abroad, on the occasion of the 52nd anniversary of independence on November 30th.


O' You Great Southern people,

sisters and brothers, daughters, and sons, inside and outside the homeland,

Peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you,

Today, as we celebrate the 52nd anniversary of Independence Day, the 30th of November, I am delighted to congratulate you on this great national occasion, with our especial congratulations to the heroes of our armed forces, the security, and the southern resistance, the makers and protectors of the decisive victories and great national gains.


Our Free People

As we stand today before the memory of a major event that changed the course of the Southern history, and embodied the greatness of the struggling of the fathers who made with their limited potential and great determination a great victory over colonialism and its agents, without forgetting that the price of this victory was very high, in which our people paid it with the blood and souls of our finest men, women, daughters, sons, and youth, who fought and struggled against the occupier for decades, and then had a fierce four-year war since the revolution on October 14, 1963, until independence on November 30, 1967.

These national victories, which are part of the honorable history of the South, cannot surrender to the conspiracies and circumstances that past along the past decades.

The will of our people today is still present and strong and able to correct the mistakes and overcome the pitfalls of the past and restore the glory of November, and put it back on the right track so our people head to their future, and nothing will prevent us from restoring this glory and we are going to achieve it.


O' You Free Southerners:

As we recall the memories and events of yesterday, and our homeland experiences of breaks and victories, we say it out of the faith of the believer in the promise of Allah, and the confident in the justice of his cause, and by the determination of his men, today we are as closest as making the dawn of new independence, and the victory is only patience on time, and the breezes of freedom that we sense today, despite attempts of tampering, are the early of a dawn that is about to emerge throughout on our beloved nation.

Our southern people have provided, during their second revolution since 1994, long lines of martyrs and wounded, and a lot of pure blood has been poured during our immortal revolution, in which there is no price for these pure bloods but victory and glory that suit a people like our people and a country like the South, we renew our pledge to our people to lead them in a safe path towards achieving their goals, and we have already started this, and achieved successes that make us reassured that the future is ours and victory is our ally, and the failure will be for those delusional, and greedy, who want to confiscate our right to be masters and free on our land.

Our trust is in Allah, and then in the justice of our cause, and the will of our people, and the positions of our brothers in the Arab Coalition, led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which we share with each year on November 30 the memory of its righteous martyrs, who sacrificed their lives in the battles of honor and heroism to defend our country, and the national and Arab causes, and the support of the oppressed, it gives us satisfaction and hopes that the era of arrogance and enslavement on our people is over.

Today, we have started on a new political path represented by the signing of the Riyadh Agreement, which has put our just cause before the whole world and will protect it from attempts to be misled and obscured.


O' You Strugglers.

O' You Free People Everywhere

Our bet on the future and building a new South will only be achieved by the unity and cohesion of the southern home front, and by putting the hands of all together to move forward towards the future, so we renew our commitment to the principle of southern reconciliation and tolerance, and rejecting the culture of division, and promoting the values ​​of coexistence and acceptance of the others, the South will be built only with the arms of all its people.

We extend our hands again, and will keep them extended to all the free people of the South wherever they are, our faith is firm that we are all in the ship of the homeland and each one of us has a role in pushing it towards the shore of safety, We are all in need of a homeland that gathers us and preserves the aspirations and dignity of its people and respects their right of self-determination and their political future. We are actively pursuing all the problems, obstacles, and difficulties that our people are facing, and we are working hard to resolve them.

At the end, we affirm that the Southern Transitional Council will remain steadfast to the principles and objectives for which it was established, realizing the unchanged fact that the South is a homeland and an identity for each and all of its people, and that the free will of its people is the basis and source of the legitimacy of every authority that governs, and decides on any disagreement or discrepancy in the political visions and projects, under the umbrella of those ruling references, we reiterate our call for all forces, elites, and components of the South to the unity in position and national effort, in respect to the will of the people of the South, and the fulfillment of the martyrs,

Glory to the homeland and victory for its revolution

Mercy of Allah, and immortality in heaven to martyrs

Healing for the wounded and freedom for prisoners

Peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you,