President Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi addresses important speech to southern people on developments in national arena

2020-06-03 21:50:08

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President Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi addresses important speech to southern people on developments in national arena

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President Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi addresses important speech to southern people on developments in national arena

The President of the Southern Transitional Council, President Aidroos Qasim al-Zubaidi, addressed the southern people on the latest developments in Shabwa and the south in general.

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful and Most Gracious
Thanks to god who says: “And those who were told that people assembled against them so feel fear. But we strengthened their faith and they said that God is our protector”. And peace be upon prophet Mohamed, his family and his followers. 
Our glorious southern people: We are addressing you at that critical moment of our southern history to confirm our auth taken before you that we will lead the ship of this country to safety shores and we will support our southern choices of restoring independence and establishing a free federal and sovereign state on the borders of May 20th, 1990. We will never leave this path and with your will, determination and ability, we will overcome all obstacles with faithful hearts that God is with us. 
We all observed the events that followed the assassination of the hero martyr “Muneer Al-Yafaie” (Abu Yamama). These events were the starter of a plan to surrender Aden to terrorist groups backed by norther troops that all work under the Yemeni government with direct administration of the military wing of Muslim Brotherhood. But the national will of our southern armed forces was stronger than their conspiracies and we achieved victory over these bands that were about to destroy our national southern achievements. Then came the public support in August 16th, 2019. After that we were sure that Aden is safe. We committed to calm down and cease fire called for by the Arab Coalition and then we responded to the invitation of our brothers in Saudi Arabia and went to Jeddah for negotiations about the southern cause. 
The Saudi invitation to the council to come to Jeddah is a major step that we positively dealt with and we shared visions with his highness prince Khaled Ben Salman, deputy minister of Defense and major general Fahad Ben Turkey Ben Abd Al-Azizi, commander of joint forces. Our meetings were fruitful and positive towards the security and stability of the region and fostering the role of the Arab Coalition against the Iranian expansion. But this didn’t fit for the Yemen government led by Muslim Brotherhood and influential lords of war as their troops stationed in Mareb, backed with Al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists invaded Shabwa with all types of weapons. This was a repetition of the northern invasions to the south in 1994 and 2015 and of course this exploded the situation. While we committed to cease fire in an official statement issued on Friday August 23rd, 2019 in response to the invitation of King Salman Ben Abd Al-Aziz, they used cease fire to advance and destroy Shabwa Elites Forces that fight terrorism in vengeance of defeats of Al-Qaeda and serving regional agendas initiated by Al-Houthi militias. This was a clear breach of the Arab project backed by the Coalition. 
Our glorious southern people: we will assume our responsibilities and we will not accuse other internal or external parties just as the so-called Yemeni government do as they only weep, accuse and humiliate the Arab Coalition countries. We assume our full responsibility for what happened to our troops in Shabwa and we assert our full ability to overcome what happened. We say so as we trust God and trust your will. We are convinced that we will restore our Shabwa Elites even stronger than before to face terrorist troops that let Al-Houthis dominate their territories while they direct their war towards Shabwa and the Southit is clear that they have no intention to defeat Al-Houthis in the north and event of Shabwa deserve that the Arab Coalition should revise the situation in the north during the past four years. 
Our brave soldiers of the southern armed forces: we appreciate your enthusiasm and courage in defending your homeland. We assert you that targeting you by the enemy is price you pay for defending your people and your cause. It is the price of your dignity and patriotism. Being committed to the right of your people is your proof of your honesty and loyalty. We are all proud of you and your heroic role in facing evil powers of terrorism. We will be at your side till we achieve our desired southern expectations. 
Shabwa Elites Forces are part of our military and security system in the south and we bear the responsibility of reconstructing it and restoring its respect again. We take our auth before you and before God that it will be restored even stronger. Their patriotic commandership and heroic soldiers will be at the front line of restoring security and fighting terrorism and extremism. We appreciate your legendary determination and heroic sacrifices. We appreciate your patriotism. And victory will be ours in Shabwa. 
Brothers and sisters: this clear aggression against the south indicates that the army stationed in Mareb, Hadhramaut valley, Al-Mehra and some parts of Shabwa, with all its weapons, man power, ammunition and capabilities, is not interested in liberating Sanaa nor other parts under control of Al-Houthis. Instead, this army is only interested in controlling the fortunes of the south and sharing them together, just as they did after their fascist invasion in 1994 ignoring all international legitimacy decisions including UN security council decisions no. 924 and no. 931 in addition to the statement of ministers of Gulf Cooperation Council. All these decisions asserted that union should not be forcefully imposed and that both parties should urgently inter into dialogue to resolve the conflict. The same enemy is sending its militias with the same envy under the same religious Fatwa for killing the southern. 
Recent weeks in Aden, Abian and finally Shabwa indicated the clear coordination and conspiracy of Al-Houthi militias, Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist groups. This led us, along with the southern people, to the choice of facing our enemy plans as any other choice will do harm to our southern cause, southern people and southern national achievements. 
Although we are able to face this vicious aggression, we kept our word to the Arab Coalition, although we have remarks on their treatment with the events, and their bias towards the aggressors who used terrorist elements and burned ground policy. But all this doesn’t deny us the right of defending Shabwa and securing the whole of it. Accordingly, and based on assuming our responsibilities: 
• We confirm our fixed attitude towards the Arab Coalition and our commitment with fighting the Iranian expansion and terrorism in the region in addition to our rejection of any northern military existence in the south. 
• We call for all key international and regional powers to support the southern security systems in fighting terrorism. We ask them to take a clear and determinative attitude towards the acts of destroying our security and military capabilities that proved its serious efforts in fighting terrorism as we will not remain watching without action anymore. 
• Security of Shabwa, Hadhramaut valley, Al-Mehra, Socotra and Mukiras is top priority for the south and for regional and international security. This not less than securing Aden itself. We demand the Arab Coalition and all countries fighting terrorist to order the northern troops in the south to head north and fight Al-Houthi militias. 
• All security system and military units of the south should be fully alert and ready to assume their national responsibility under this critical situation to keep the security and stability of the south and to act firmly against terrorist groups and security breaches. 
• We request all citizens to be cautious and not to believe or share rumors launched by our enemy to divide the south and destroy our morale. We demand them to help security systems and reports any suspicious activity of terrorists. We demand them to lineup to protect the south and preserve our public and private properties. 
• We also thank our military forces fighting Al-Houthis outside the south for their attitudes that became clear through their official statements. We demand them to be ready for defending the south, its people and its cause. 
• We send our condolences for the families of our martyrs, praying for God to give them mercy and quick healing for the injured. We take our auth that these noble bloods will never go in vain. 
Peace Be Upon You All