The Vice President holds press conference about the attack on Al-Gala'a camp

2020-01-19 08:09:14

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The Vice President holds press conference about the attack on Al-Gala'a camp

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The Vice President holds press conference about the attack on Al-Gala'a camp

The Vice President of the Southern Transitional Council, Hani Ali bin Brik, held a press conference in Aden the capital on Tuesday to uncover the circumstances of the crime that targeted Al-Gala'a camp last Thursday, which lead to the murder of Brigadier General Munir Mahmoud al-Yafi (Abu al-Yamamah), commander of the First Brigade Support Forces and a number of other members of the brigade.

Ben Brik revealed the involvement of the Islah Party (the Muslim Brotherhood) and the legitimate government controlled by the party in facilitating that attack by providing the Houthis with information and coordinates.

Ben-Brik said: "The accusation of Islah and the government of involvement in the operation is based on information and investigations carried out by a team of high and specialized intelligence committee, which reached accurate and important information that determined the type of rocket and where it was launched, and who gave the information."

The Vice President of the Transitional Council clarified that the aim of the attack was the control of Aden the capital according to a scenario prepared in advance, stressing that "the simultaneous synchronization cannot separate relation between the incident of Al-Gala'a camp and the bombing of Sheikh Othman police station and the events of Al-Mehfid."

Ben Brik addressed the people of North Yemen by saying: "The South is not the enemy of the North, but the enemy is the one who wants to exploit and loot the South and seize its land and its people rights."

Ben Brik said there is no displacement or expulsion of the north people from Aden and the south as promoted by the channels of the Islah and the Muslim Brotherhood, But he stressed that the south is in a state of war that requires security tightening to secure and protect the southern provinces, and any person who does not have identity papers and identifies the place he comes from and his residence, then naturally he will be subjected to procedures and questioning, whether he or she a northern or southern person.

Ben Brik affirmed that the Transitional Council stands fully with the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in defending the Arab national project, and the army of the South will be with Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The Vice President of the Southern Transitional Council assured all southerners that the Transitional Council is keen on all southerners, criticizing strongly those who try to spread conflict between the presidential guards brigades and the security belt forces.