The STC: The Aim of the Popular Escalation is to Overthrow the Government and Restore the South

2020-08-04 16:31:10

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The STC: The Aim of the Popular Escalation is to Overthrow the Government and Restore the South

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The STC: The Aim of the Popular Escalation is to Overthrow the Government and Restore the South

 The presidium of the Southern Transitional Council has announced today that it called for a popular escalation against the legitimate government. The escalation aims to over throw it as result of its failure, and to restore the whole of the South from Mayoon Island to Al Mahara.

The announcement came from the president of the STC Aidrose Al Zubaidi who was at a press conference which was held this morning in Al Mukalla the capital of Hadhramout. At the conference Al Zubaidi reviewed the information on the processes of the inauguration of the STC national assembly in the governorates in the future and on the nature of his visit to Hadhramout and the rest of the southern governorates.

Al Zubaidi reassured the people of the south that the council is moving in the right direction stressing on the role of the information department mainly the issue of rebroadcasting Aden radio and television and its news agency.

He clarified that the completion of the construction of the services of the southern institutions including the military and security which are benefiting from the elite security forces ‘Al Nokhba Al Hadhramih and Shawa ‘,comes to reassure the international community that the southerners have the ability to administer and secure the south . It also reflects the willingness to accept any international initiative to regain the south either by referendum or by any additional democratic way, the fact that the international community and the UN Security Council will grant you your right once you make sure you are able to protect  yourself  by land ,sea  or air .He said

Member of the presidium Ahmad Saed Bin Berek pointed that the STC has forwarded its plans and by forming its special committees to present the southern issue in international discussions, assuring that the board began his movements on the regional and internationally where it received wide acceptance.

Concluding that the overwhelming support of the masses for the Transitional Council,is considered decisive evidence that the Council represents the people in this sensitive stage, particularly after the state government had failed to provide the simplest requirements for its citizens. He stressed on the great efforts of the Transitional Council to achieve self determination, peace and security. He also reiterated that the Southern transitional Council is a major partner in the region and the international community in combating and rooting out terrorism. He referred to the moves of the presidency of the Council by land from the capital Aden on the current visits to a number of southern provinces through points which were claimed that they are terrorist bases in the south, this is evidence that role of the South along with the coalition forces to eradicate terrorism is not to be undermined.