Shatara Commends the Efforts of Information Institute

2020-08-04 16:35:01

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.The Southern Transitional Council’s Information Department encourages young journalists and media activists to develop their skills professionally at the Information Institute of Applied Media

Shatara Commends the Efforts of Information Institute

2 years before
   Shatara Commends the Efforts of Information  Institute

Based on the vision of the Southern Transitional Council’s  Information Department, on building a modern and independent Southern state, founded on freedom, pluralism, professionalism, and express the values of the Southern State, member of the presidium and head of the Information Department Mr Lutfi Shatara has inspected a number of applied and professional institutes.

The visit was  in an attempt to get an idea on the curriculum and the study courses within the available circumstances which contribute in preparing the Southern cadre whether in Information or any other field. 

Starting with a visit to Aden Institute for Applied Media, which is a model in providing professional qualification in media and Information for many young cadres in the capital  Aden and other Southern provinces, Mr Shatara inaugurated the first study course which is sponsored by the Southern Transitional Council .

Shatara was invited to tour the Institute and was acquainted with the different departments of the institute which includes special journalistic sections i.e. Reportage – Printed Press-Photographic lighting– Radio presentation – Professional Photography – Submit shows – and other courses in computer science and design.

The study course also includes media training in Montague and training on the Sony Vegas  and the latest Adobe Premier systems.

Shatara commended the efforts of the director of the Institute Dr Abdullah Al Haw and the staff, who with their work ,are  contributing  to the local market in presenting a number of graduates who are interested in media business in all its branches and functions. The Transitional Council believes that this  is vital to raise national competence and train those who are interested  to enroll in this  field after it has been deliberately omitted in the past by the previous government.

Dr Abdullah Al Haw said, ‘We provide incentive courses for young beginners in the field of information and help them to reinforce their expertise which in return provides the local media with new cadres to improve the performance of the national media and provide new insights to compete with the others especially in these circumstances when Aden is facing a media war waged against it by its enemies .


It is worth mentioning that at the institute the courses are presented by  trained specialists in the field of media, providing all practical experience, where the first course extends over 3 weeks .In completion of the course,  trainees are presented by a certificate certified  by the ministry of Information.