President Zubaidi Gets Briefed on Aden University Workflow

2022-11-30 11:09:04

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President Zubaidi Gets Briefed on Aden University Workflow

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President Zubaidi Gets Briefed on Aden University Workflow

President Aidarous Qassem Al-Zubaidi, the president of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), and deputy head of the Presidential Leadership Council, on Wenesday, met at his office, in the capital Aden, with Dr. Al-Khadr Lasuar, Chancellor of the University of Aden.

The president listened from Dr. Al-Khadr to a satisfied explanation on workflow at the University of Aden, its colleges, and faculties in the capital of Aden and other governorates, in addition to several concerned topics and issue related to the university's work, its academic education and ways that could contribute to advance the role of this vital academic institution.

 The president affirmed that the university has been and will remain a distinct academic edifice through annual-class graduation of excellent students and high-level researchers in all fields, stressing the importance of taking advantage of painstaking and pioneering researches, and studies, as the University is abounded with these 

innovations, to perseve this national achievement and make a paradigm shift in the community.

The president, too, urged leadership of the university, to redouble the efforts in updating and upgrading its curricula and syllabuses to cope up with the rapid scientific development, as well as intensifying the educational and cultural communication with 

Arab, regional and international

High universities to benefit from their experience and expertise to revive the process of scientific research aimed at advancing, developing and polishing up the creative and innovative methods. 

For his part, the chancellor, for his own and on behalf of the Council of the University, and all its members, expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to President Zubaidi 

for his intensive keenness and continuous following-up of the university's situation, valuing his constant support for its chancellor and Council to academically and administratively promote and advance it.