President Al-Zubaidi Issues Decree to Form ESNDT and ISNDT

2022-12-03 03:04:00

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President Al-Zubaidi Issues Decree to Form ESNDT and ISNDT

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President Al-Zubaidi Issues Decree to Form ESNDT and ISNDT

The president Aidarous Qassem Al-Zubaidi, President of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), on Saturday, issues a decree No.(8) of the year 2022; on the formation of the two Southern National Dialogue teams: the External Southern National Dialogue Team (ESNDT) and the Internal Southern National Dialogue Team (ISNDT).

The decree included the following articles:

Article (1): The two teams of the Southern National Dialogue shall be consisted of the following:

First: The Internal Southern National Dialogue Team (ISNDT):

1. Dr. Saleh Mohsen Al-Haj, head of the ISNDT.

2. Mr. Abdul-Salam Qassem Musa'ed, deputy head of ISNDT.

3. Dr. Nazlin Ahmed Omar Abdul-Aziz, member of the ISNDT.

4. Mr. Abdul-Karim Ahmed Saeed, member of the ISNDT.

5. Mr. Abdul-Naser Saleh Mohammed Al-Ja'ari, member of the ISNDT.

6. Mr. Saleh Hussein Ahmed Al-Faridi, member of the ISNDT.

7. Dr. Jamal Qassem Saleh Al-Na'as, member of the ISNDT.

8. Dr. Saleh Maqtan Hamid Baqutiyan, member of the ISNDT.

9. Dr. Jacquelin Mansour Ahmed Al-Butani, member of the ISNDT.

10. Mr. Ali Zain Ben Shandhour, member of the ISNDT.

11. Mr. Salem Saleh Mohammed Naser Al-Diyani, member of the ISNDT. 

12. Mr. Nsr Saleh Mohammed Harhara, member of the ISNDT.

13. Mr. Awad Ali Saeed Balhaf, member of the ISNDT. 

14. Mr. Fahim Saif Ali Saeed, Secretary and Rapporteur of the ISNDT.

Second: The External Southern National Dialogue Team (ESNDT):

1. Mr. Ahmed Omar Ben Fareed,  head of the ESNDT.

2. Dr. Ali Saleh Ali Abu Shama, deputy head of the ESNDT. 

3. Dr. Ali Naser Haidara Al-Zameki, member of the ESNDT. 

4. Dr. Saeed Salem Saeed Al Jariri, member of the ESNDT. 

5. Mr. Adel Sadiq Mohsen Al-Shabahi, member of the ESNDT. 

6. Mr. Al-Khader Nsr Mohammed Al-Sulaimani, member of the ESNDT. 

7. Mr. Yahya Saleh Issa Ben Afrar, member of the ESNDT. 

Article (2): The two teams are assigned to hold consultations and dialogues with the southern elites, personalities and components.

Article (3): The two teams shall work according to a policy approved by the STC's president, and submit periodic reports on the outcomes of consultations and dialogues to the STC's president.

Article (4): The two teams may recourse whomsoever they deem appropriate from the eminent southern social and legal figures, or from the members of the National Assembly.

Article (5): Any prior decree shall be considered as nil and void and this decree is stipulated to be enforced from the date of its issuance and to be published on the official media of the STC.