Presidency of STC warns of dangers of assembling Brotherhood militias from Marib and Bayhan in Ataq

2022-01-20 16:07:23

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Presidency of STC warns of dangers of assembling Brotherhood militias from Marib and Bayhan in Ataq

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Presidency of STC warns of dangers of assembling Brotherhood militias from Marib and Bayhan in Ataq

The Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), held a meeting on Monday, headed by Mr. Fadl Mohammed Al-Jaadi, Deputy Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Council.

At the beginning of its meeting, the members of the Presidency stood for a minute of mourning to read Al-Fatihah for the souls of the martyrs of the South of the Giants Forces, and the people of Shabwa governorate, praying to Allah Almighty to bless them with mercy and forgiveness, and to grant the wounded a speedy recovery.

The Presidency saluted the southern victories that were achieved in the districts of Usaylan and Bayhan in Shabwa governorate, warning of the dangers of influential Brotherhood leaders in the governorate seeking to embrace the Yemeni Brotherhood militias fleeing from the front lines in Marib and Bayhan, and regrouping them in the governorate capital, and directing them to implement new schemes, to confuse the security situation in Ataq and the rest districts, and extinguishing the flame of the southern victory on its borders with the Houthi militias.

In the context, the Presidency called on the leadership of the coalition to stop the recklessness of these leaders who are trying to put obstacles in the way of the movements of the leaders and soldiers of the southern Giants brigades, the leaders of the Transitional Council and its supporters within the framework of the governorate’s districts and its fronts, and to quickly push them and other Brotherhood forces in Al-Mahra, Shokra, and Hadhramout Valley to the frontlines of confrontation against the militias of Houthis in Marib and Al-Bayda in order to liberate them.

The Presidency also stressed the importance of accelerating the local leadership in the governorate to make ready its headquarters in the city of Ataq, to ​​be able to perform its role and activate its performance in all districts of the governorate.

In its discussion of the situation in the capital, Aden, the Presidency stressed the need to expedite finding sustainable solutions to the problems of electricity, oil derivatives, and water, to ensure their stability before the summer season, in this regard, the Presidency assigned Eng. Nizar Haitham, member of the Council Presidency, head of the executive body of the local leadership of the Council in the capital, Aden, to follow up on this with the governor of the capital, Aden, to work to avoid its recurrence during the coming summer.

In its meeting, the Presidency touched on the developments of the economic situation, and warned of the dangers of the continued control and manipulation of influential symbols of corruption in the currency exchange rate, renewing its demand for the government of power-sharing and the leadership of the Central Bank, to work seriously and quickly to control the currency exchange rate and stop its manipulation, and also renewed its willingness to provide everything necessary to help in this regard .

In its meeting, which was attended by the Military Adviser to the President of the Council, Major General Mohsen Salem Askar, and the President's Adviser for Legal Affairs, member of the Supreme Committee for Legal Affairs of the Council, Judge Salah Rashid Hussein, the Presidency discussed a number of other issues related to the work of the Council bodies, and took the necessary measures regarding them.