President Aidarous Al-Zubaidi addresses important speech to our southern people on occasion of 54th anniversary of glorious national independence

2022-01-20 17:38:36

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President Aidarous Al-Zubaidi addresses important speech to our southern people on occasion of 54th anniversary of glorious national independence

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President Aidarous Al-Zubaidi addresses important speech to our southern people on occasion of 54th anniversary of glorious national independence

The President of the Southern Transitional Council, Supreme Commander of the Southern Armed Forces, President Aidarous Qassem Al-Zubaidi, addressed an important speech to our southern people at home and abroad on the occasion of the 54th anniversary of the glorious national independence, on November 30, 1967.

 Hereunder it is in text:

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, prayers and peace be upon His faithful and truthful Messenger

O' our proud southern people, home and abroad

O' heroes of our valiant southern armed forces

We salute you with the greeting of the revolution and the struggle and the blessed victories, a greeting associated to pride, and congratulations on the occasion of the 54th anniversary of the glorious national independence, on 30 November 1967, the independence, which was not only a southern victory, but also an Arabian victory, and rehabilitation of Arab's dignity at the time.

O' free citizens, brave fighters:

The glorious independence of 30 November was not anything but the culmination of many years of our people's struggles throughout the lands of the South, which represented a natural outcome of the blood that was shed for the revolution, and as result of the great sacrifices made by our people during 129 years of suffering, struggle, and resistance, which is the principle  for which the blessed southern revolution was launched to fight the new invaders since 1994 and their projects that were based on the divide and conquer methodology.

O' sons of our great South:

Today we realize that many conspiracies accompanied the victory of the first independence and its new state, by pushing it towards projects in which the events and years proved to be nothing but conspiratorial projects against the South, its people, its existence, and its authentic identity, on top of which is the failed unity project, and despite all of that, the greatness of this important occasion (30 November) in the history of our people lies in its ability to consolidate the values and principles of rejection and resistance to all projects of occupation and humiliation, and to strengthen our deep belief in confronting and defeating the projects imposed on our people, believing in the certainty of the victory of the right over wrong, and the good over evil, which is the same spirit, values and principles from which our people derive their struggle today towards freedom, salvation, and attaining their second independence.

On this occasion, we salute our steadfast patient southern people, despite the suffering that has reached an unprecedented extent, in light of the severe economic crisis due to the collapse of the currency, the high cost of living, and the absence of services, which are used by the forces of corruption, as collective punishment aimed at bringing our people to their knees, and dissuading them of their choices and political aspirations, it is a policy that we rejected, and we renew our rejection and resistance to it, as well as we warn against overdo with it and test the extent of our people's patience, as patience has limits and our people's patience will not last long for that.

We also greet the heroes of our southern armed forces positioned in different fronts under tough living conditions, sending them a message of thanks and gratitude, that their victories and firmness in the fields of honor and redemption are what enhance and protect the national victories and strengthen the political situation, that the Southern Transitional Council  expresses strongly and steadily in various forums and meetings.

O' great southern people:

Today, as we celebrate the anniversary of independence, we remember, with fondness and pride, all those faithful men, who watered, and still, the tree of freedom with their pure blood , renewing the covenant to move forward on the national goal, for which they transcended to       Almighty Allah for the aim of achieving it.

O' sons of our patient and resisting people:

Perhaps what today saddens and aches the souls is that our people in the liberated South, after seven years of defeating the Houthi militias from the south, are in this state of suffering and painful reality, and lack of the most basic requirements of life, for no reason other than a desire for revenge from the forces of evil and corruption, which, through these practices, seek to keep our people under their domination.

In this regard, we call on the brothers in the Arab coalition, to intervene quickly to save our people in the South, by supporting the power-sharing government to carry out its duties, reviving the currency, reforming financial and economic policies, paying salaries and improving services, and putting pressure on the obstructing parties to stop using the citizens’ food and livelihood as a policy of collective punishment and its war against the South and its national cause, and to remove the hands of corruption and failure from the decision-making circles, and limit their absurdity, which is about to ignite a massive revolution, which is legitimate and blessed revolution, as long as it is in defense of people’s interests, dignity and right to life.

We also call for the reformulation of the strategy and correcting the compass to embody the full and effective implementation of the Riyadh Agreement, and to achieve the restructuring of the State system in all its institutions and its various levels in a way that ends corruption and treats the economic and military limpness and collapse, and the monopoly in the decision-making authority led by forces of corruption and powerful at the expense of the citizens' livelihood, and the future of our people in the South.

O' brave sons of the South at home and abroad:

As we commemorate the anniversary of the glorious November, we renew the assurance of the Council's commitment to his pledge to continue to walk steadfastly and persistently on the path of the martyrs towards the hopes and aspirations of our people in freedom and salvation from the Yemeni occupation that they live it today with its worst details, up to the second independence and the establishment of the independent federal southern state, and Aden is its capital, as a culmination of the struggles and sacrifices of our people since 1994, and its achieved victories since 2015.

O' men and women citizens:

 On this occasion, and in light of the military and political victories that have been achieved in our country, we don't miss to highly value the role of the brothers in the Arab Coalition, and what they showed of keenness on safety and stability of the region, and their support for the Riyadh Agreement, as a safe way out to overcome the current crisis.

O' our struggling people:

We confirm that our battle against the Iran-backed Houthi militia represents a military and political priority for us, as these militias have been targeting our territories, our homeland, and our cause, and seek to threaten our Arab national security, therefore, the success of peace efforts begins from the suspension of these militias from their absurdity and targeting  the security of the South and the region, in this regard, we support the efforts of the UN envoy to start a comprehensive and realistic peace process, which leads to stopping the war, accommodating realities on the ground,  in which the Southern Transitional Council to be a participant in all its stages, in what makes the South, and the cause of its people and their right to independence, present and a priority that does not accept procrastination or postponement.

O' sons of our southern people:

 As we follow up, with attention, developments of the events, and deterioration of the situation inside the homeland, including the increasing suffering and pain of our people, we also are following up with concern the growing dangers of Houthi-Brotherhood coordination, and the resulting handover of regions to the Houthi militias without resistance, as happened and is happening today in Baihan in Shabwa governorate, which is under the control of the Brotherhood militia.

In this context, we bless and salute the popular and tribal movement of the heroic people of Shabwa, supporting their demands that they expressed at Al-Watta Festival in Nisab district, on November 16, and calling for a rapid response to these demands to protect Shabwa and the interests of its people, and the future of the region.

The Transitional Council believes that the real and proper way to address the crisis lies in implementing the Riyadh Agreement and reconsidering the mechanism of the administration and leadership and decision-making.

Glory and honor be to our great southern people..

Victory for our heroic Southern Armed Forces..

Mercy and eternity to the righteous martyrs, freedom to the prisoners, and speedy recovery to the wounded..

Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you


Aidarous Qassem Al-Zubaidi

President of the Southern Transitional Council

Supreme Commander of the Southern Armed Forces

Aden the Capital

November 30, 2021