Important Statement for attacks targeted Police station of Sheikh Othman and training camp in Boryka

The Southern Transitional Council issued an important statement regarding the two attacks that targeted the Police station of Sheikh Othman and a military training camp of the southern armed forces in Boryka, here it is:

On Thursday, the 1st of August, 2019, Aden the capital was subjected to bombs attacks in each of: (Police Station of Sheikh Othman and a training camp of our southern armed forces) as our soldiers were preparing to celebrate the graduation of one of the military batches, who are planned to be ready to head to the fronts to face the Iranian expansionist project represented by the Houthi militias along with our brothers in the Arab Coalition countries.

These attacks lead to the martyred of a group of the noblest, honorable and courageous soldiers. led by Brigadier General Munir Mahmoud Ahmed (Abu Al-Yamamah), who gave their souls for the defense of the dignity and independence of the homeland.

Our brave people:

You heroes everywhere in the homeland, at the time we express condolences to you and to ourselves for this loss, we urge you to be ready to defend our homeland, our faith, and our people and ensuring its freedom, security, stability and independence.

Your delegated leadership in the Southern Transitional Council, from Aden the capital, assures you that it is by your side, and will do everything possible to maintain the security and stability of the homeland.

The Southern Transitional Council leadership is in a continuous meeting to follow up closely the circumstances of the incident and who is behind it, confirming its work to maintain stability on the ground, we understand the great public anger and how great is our loss, but it will not weaken us, instead it increases our strength, our determination, and insistence on steadfastness, and to revenge for our heroes, at the same time, the leadership is discussing the situation calmly and in wisdom that we need at this difficult time, we call on you for restraint and patience, our win is near and we will not be affected by the people of sedition.

The glory prayed to the martyrs, and a wish of speedy recovery to the wounded, and the dignity is for the homeland

Issued by the Southern Transitional Council

Thursday 1st August 2019

29th Thu al-Kaitha 1440 Higri