Aden’s Historic Statement

Aden’s Historic Statement issued on the 4th of May 2017
By the presidency of the Southern Transitional Council
At its historic one million rally
In Khormaksar -Aden
In The name of The All Mighty God
We announce the following,
Today the 4th of April 2017 the capital Aden is embracing the most largest and unprecedented step in the political history of the South. This crowd represents the struggle of our peaceful Southern movement and its gallant resistance; these masses are here today to represent all the Southern people’s needs. The needs which they have been struggling to gain for many years .There are many who have sacrificed their lives and those who are injured or maimed and those who are still imprisoned are fighting to reinstate the Southern State.

The cause of the people of South of is a just cause and has a legal and political legitimacy which is recognized regionally and internationally .
Given the dangers that threaten the South and Southern cause which was witnessed on the 27th of April 2017 which coincided with the day the hostilities was declared on the South on 27 April 1994,those dangers were represented through the latest provocative decisions which only reflected the animosity towards the Southern people which repeat practices of the aggressors of the 1994 war against the South.
Those decisions did not only target the Southern leaders or its personnel but it is aimed at the very substance and content of the Southern cause.
The Decisive Storm and Hope war had formed a new phase in the history of the region and created a positive reality for the future of the South. With the help of the Arab Coalition we were able to liberate the southern parts of the country and defeat the Houthi Saleh Militias. Unfortunately those victories were not enough to win the southern resistance a place in the partnership in the political representation; on the contrary they were rewarded with being marginalised from the political participation and excluded from the governing body. The Muslim brotherhood in partnership with the governing body played a great role in excluding the Southern resistance. They went to an extent to place a number of the members under investigation. This was aimed to dampen the hopes of the people in the resistance and lose the chance to take part in the political role in the future. Another form of punishing the resistance came in the shape of stripping the people from the basic public services such as water supplies ,electricity , health ,education and fuel supplies to the extent of cutting and stopping paying wages to the public servants including the police and army .In addition to raging a war against the people in continuing to neglect the public institutions deliberately. The people of Aden, who fought bravely and interred a war to liberate the country from the oppressors, do not deserve what they are receiving from the government they are entitled to a much better compensation.

Based on that and here from the great and brave city of Aden today, emerges the will of the people of the South the true and legitimate representative of the people who is here to announce its denunciation of those decisions. The people of the South expressed its position and its desire to exercise its legal right to protect and fortify the Southern issue .This great crowd has come to restore victory and fulfil the aspirations of the people of the South.
We here take the opportunity to salute the people of Hadramout and congratulate them in their success at the Hadramawt General conference, who is considered an integral part of the national Southern Movement.
Given the importance of a political means to protect the Southern issue and its political project as well as achieve the aspirations of the people of the South and its sovereignty over its land and a liberated State, and building its free national democratic federal
Therefore the Southern people demands the following
This declaration is called (Aden Historic Declaration) and carries the legitimate right of the Southern People's willpower.
Leader Aidroos Alzubaidi, declared a national political leadership (chaired by him) to manage and represent The Southern leadership the leadership which is tasked to achieve its goals and aspirations, Alzubeidi has full authority to take the necessary measures to implement the requirements of this declaration.
The masses promise that the South is a home and an identity and is a based on a system of compatibility and national partnership.
The southern resistance and the Hirak are partners supported by the deep relationship with the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the joint sacrifices they pledged in order to overcome and stop the Iranian expansion and the fight against terrorism in the region. Not forgetting addition their support for the Southern people in reclaiming its land and its legitimate and souverghn rights and self determination.
The above points to be implemented from date of issue the 4th May 2017