Announcement of the Southern Transitional Council's Presidium

2023-10-04 08:39:47

Announcement of the Southern Transitional Council's Presidium

The Southern Transitional Council Announces its Presidential Leadership

Article Number One : The Southern leadership is called the ‘Southern Transitional Council’.

Members of the steering committee of the Southern Transitional Council are as follows:

Major General Aidroos Alzubeidi President

Hani bin Burek Deputy President

Lutfi Mohammed Bashereef

Murad Ali Alhalimi

Nasser Mohammed Thabet Alkhobeji Department of Political Affairs

Ahmed Hamed Lamlas

Salem Abdulla Alsoqutri

Fadhel Mohammed Hussein AlJaedi

Saleh Bin Fareed Alowlaqi

Abdulrab Mohammed Alnaqeeb

Abdulla Bin Eisa Alefrar

Adnan Mohammed Omer Alkaff Department of Finance & Economy

Ahmed Mohammed Bamoualem Department Guidance

Ali Alsheiba Nasser

Lutfi Gaffer Shatara Department of information

Abdulrahman Sheikh Abdulrahman

Aqeel Mohammed AlattassDepartment of Mass Action

Ali Abdulla Alkatheeri

Nasser Ahmed Mohammed Alsaedi Department of Martyrs & Wounded Affairs

Salem Abubaker Thabet Alowlaqi Spokes Person

Mona Awadh Basharaheel Department of Culture

Suheir Ali Ahmed Department of Legal Affairs

Niraan Hassan Souqi Department of Rights & Freedoms

Ahmad Sead Bin Burek

Article 2:- The presidency of the Southern Transitional Council takes upon itself the following responsibilities :

Complete formation of the presidential electoral which represents the South internally and externally and accomplish any other tasks issued by the President of the Council.

Article 3:-The South continues its partnership with the Arab coalition in fighting the Iranian spread and fight terrorism.

Article 4:- The above articles to be implemented from this date and to be released and published in all forms of media.