The Southern Transitional Council issues a statement on the security issue in Hadhramout Governorate and Wadi Hadhramout

2022-11-30 10:14:14


The Southern Transitional Council issues a statement on the security issue in Hadhramout Governorate and Wadi Hadhramout

5 years before
The Southern Transitional Council issues a statement on the security issue in Hadhramout Governorate and Wadi Hadhramout

In the name of the Almighty God

The chaotic state of Security in Hadhramout Governorate and Hadramout Wadi (vally ) in particular , prompted calls to review and search for reasons of what is happening to this blessed and peaceful land.

Hadhramout has lately witnessed a continuous period of executions and crime against , a number of high profile public figures as well as military and army personnel from the Elite Hadhramout forces (Alnokhba Alhadhramia ).

The Southern Transitional Council categorically denounces the deterioration of security there and blames it on the continuous funding of the extremist terrorists organizations in the Wadi and Sahara (the vally and desert) which is under the supervision of the First Military Region.
It is evident that the Yemeni armies which remain in control of the Wadi cause for concern and are responsible for that deterioration.
Based on that, we call on our brothers in the Arab coalition countries to intervene to end the military presence there .As they represent a deliberate violation of the aims of the Storm of Ddetermination and Hope and causing instability and chaos within the Hadhramy society .
We stress that the increased influence of the occupations’ military forces is a factor in mounting the threat on our security and stability, which is a direct cause of concern because it effects the social economical and managerial status of the governorate. Hadhramout saw a form of stability due to the continuous and gallant efforts of major general Ahmed Saeed Binberek and the Second Military region lead by major general Faraj Albuhsini which was supported by the Arab coalition forces chaired by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
Therefore we call on all sides internal and external to refuse what is happening in Hadhramout .
We continue our call on the Arab Coalition to reconsider the role of the Central command of the military of the legitimate government in Hadhramout .
The Southern Transitional Council is calling them to protect the triumphant security efforts which were placed in Hadhramout and the coast (Alsahel) which is now under deliberate threat from certain factors in the legitimate government just because it is from the South .
It is our role to call on the social and popular representatives of the people of Hadhramout to collate and support each other in order to defend their achievements, which were gained due to the sacrifices of its people.
We are also calling on the commanders of the Second Military region and the leadership of Hadhramout conference to move rapidly and not to dismiss what is happening. There are fatalities and grave threats which we witness on a daily bases all this requires a strong and forceful leadership .
Hence, we support Hadhramout and its leadership and its Elite Forces to take on their responsibilities and maintain its victories and progresses gained lately.
The conspiracy against Hadhramout is not unintentional it is maliciously planned and organized by the terrorist forces and certain pragmatic parties within the legitimate corridors of the government . Starting with the systematic pilfering of its institutions and a campaign against the people of Hadhramout and handing it over to terrorism as well as excluding its high rank public servants from their positions in the main institutions . This was during the period of the rule of the ousted president Ali Abdulla Saleh.
Today our pledge to the people of Hadhramout is that the chaos along with destruction and deliberate war against the people of Hadhramout will not continue , whether it is against the people of Hadhramout or the South in general ,there are many ways and choices to end such mayhem against innocent people .
The negative attitude of the legitimate government towards what is happening to the South in general and in the capital Aden and Hadhramout in particular has aided and encouraged instability and increased of insecurity and destructed all our achievements.
Therefore we are depending on the positive attitudes of the people and their efforts jointly with the role of the United Nations, the Arab Coalition countries and the International community to intervene to deter corruption. We are also asking them to help us rebuild the public institutions and the security forces which were sabotaged by various factors.
Issued by the Presidency of the Sothern Transitional Council
27th August 2017