President Al-Zubaidi Pays Inspection Visit to Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

2022-12-03 03:02:59

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President Al-Zubaidi Pays Inspection Visit to Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

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President Al-Zubaidi Pays Inspection Visit to Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

 The president Aidarous Qassem Al-Zubaidi, President of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), Deputy head of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC), on Sunday, paid an inspection visit to the main office of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Fisheries in the capital, Aden.

 In the visit, President Al-Zubaidi toured around the passages of the main building inspecting offices, departments, bodies, institutions and centers affiliated with the ministry, acquainted with the progress of its work and the level of its cadres' job-discipline.

 Then the president chaired a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Fisheries, Major General Salem Abdullah Al-Soqatri, Dr. Suhair Ali Ahmed, member of the Presidency of the STC, undersecretaries of the ministry, and the general managers of the departments, bodies, institutions and centers affiliated with the ministry in the capital, Aden, and the neighboring governorates.

 At the beginning of the meeting, the president Al-Zubaidi delivered a speech, in which he has lauded the immense efforts made by the leadership of the Ministry to revive the various sectors affiliated with the Ministry, after the major ravages happened to these vital sectors as a result of the war of 2015, and 27 years of systematic plundering, ravaging and devastation.

 The president addressed the attendees, saying: "Today, you have been shouldered huge tasks to restore the infrastructure of this ministry, and to strengthen its presence as one of the most important gross revenue ministries that supply the state treasury with hard currency, and its sectors that are directly related to citizens' lives and their daily victual."

 The president highlighted the importance of intensifying efforts to boost food security from wheat, and to achieve the highest rate of self-sufficiency in the basic crops produced by the country, especially in light of the food crisis that the world is encountering as a result of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

 Al-Zubaidi, too, noted the need for the Ministry to use all the available expertise and competencies, to appoint new bloods from qualified young people in the field of agricultural, fishery, and animal research, and to coordinate with international bodies and organizations, particularly the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations “FAO” to get exra support to farmers and fishermen, and to conduct training programs that enhance their capabilities and raise the productive efficiency.

 After that, the president Al-Zubaidi listened from the attendees to the encountered difficulties and challenges that hinder the progress of their work, each within the scope of his/her competence, in addition to various opinions and ideas that lead to overcome and solve such obstacles according to practical and scientific strategies to ensure its sustainability and raise the implementing quality.

 To the end of his paid visit, the president toured a number of utilities affiliated with the Ministry and laboratories specialized in measuring the level of quality, in addition to berthage of the Ministry, emphasized on quick dislodging of the shipwreck and return it to work to derive a benefit from this berthage.