Freedom of the Press and its Future in the South

2019-03-26 01:21:25

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Freedom of the Press and its Future in the South

10 months before
Freedom of the Press and its Future in the South

On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, The Human Rights Department of the Southern Transition Council organized on Wednesday morning in Aden a symposium titled "Freedom of the press and its future in the south", targeting 30 participants.

At the inaugural ceremony, the head of the STC Human Rights Department Dikraa Ma'tooq said that organizing such activity reflects the strong belief of the Southern Transition Council in the freedom of the press and the importance of protecting journalists from violations, adding that the symposium is also meant to present a civilized model of the southern press in the future.

Dikraa Ma'tooq affirmed that it is important to be commitment to professionalism and transparency when dealing with news and events and make them clear to public opinion in order to strengthen the southern interior front in a time of rumors and inaccurate news, especially with the wide spread of social networks.

For her part, member of the STC Presidency, Lawyer Niran Souki said that press and its freedom is something of great importance in the lives of communities including the southern community.

The presentation of professor of Media at the University of Aden, Dr. Abdullah Al-How shed light upon the most important professional and ethical standards in journalism and the importance of the accurate and non-aligned news transfer process.

He also touched on the situation of the press in the South today, the topics and events it discussed and its role in raising awareness of the Southerners over their cause.