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2021-09-27 00:00:00

President Al-Zubaidi: The Transitional Council has taken upon itself the cause of restoring the state of the South and will not retreat from it

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2021-01-10 09:34:16


The President of the Southern Transitional Council, Supreme Commander of the Southern Armed Forces, President Aidaroos Qassem Al-Zubaidi, affirmed that "there is no stability in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea without the two-state solution."

President Al-Zubaidi indicated that the Council has undertaken the goal of restoring the state of the South within the year 1990, as a goal for which our people have fought for a long time, and will not retreat from it.

President Al-Zubaidi added, in an interview with Sky News Arabia Channel within the TV show AL-MWAGAHA "The Confrontation", that the Riyadh Agreement is proceeding with steady steps and according to strategic goals that the people of the south aspire to, as the equality government is working well and faces great challenges in providing services, reconstruction, and a number of emergency tasks, besides it has the support of the Transitional Council, and His Excellency President Abdu Rabbo Mansour Hadi, and the brothers in the Arab Coalition.

He added that the southern forces are fully prepared to secure the government of equality between the south and the north in order to perform its tasks, and provide services, and activate state institutions.

Regarding the security situation in Aden the capital, after targeting Aden International Airport, President Al-Zubaidi stressed that the security situation in Aden is good, and the security challenges exist in the largest countries in the world, and we are in a country that is still at war against the Houthis, noting to the need for an air defense system (Patriot) in the capital Aden to be fully secured.

Regarding the draft project of the joint declaration, which the UN envoy Martin Griffiths adopts for the dialogue between Yemeni legitimacy and the Houthi group, President Al-Zubaidi revealed that the Council did not receive any invitation for it, and there will be no success for any solution in Yemen if the south is not truly represented.

President Al-Zubaidi stated that the council entered into the Riyadh Agreement as the representative of the south, and its just cause, and that the people of the south control their lands and they have the right - and the ability - to defend their gains by all means and methods if their cause is ignored.

President Al-Zubaidi confirmed the ability to defeat the Houthi coup, and that the southern forces were able to achieve this, but the international community stopped these forces at the gates of Hodeidah and prevented their liberation for unknown reasons.

President Al-Zubaidi called on the brothers in the Arab Coalition to arm the southern forces and the Yemeni National Army, and to direct everyone to the battlefronts to defeat the Houthi militia.

Regarding the federal state project and the so-called outcomes of the Yemeni dialogue, President Al-Zubaidi said that these outputs have ended with the coup of the Houthi militia, and there is a new reality in the south that no one can jump over.

President Al-Zubaidi praised the brotherly stances in support of the Arab Coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in various fields, expressing the hope for increasing and strengthening this support to include all vital sectors.
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