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2020-08-15 00:00:00

Southern Self-Administration issues decision to form its supervisory committees over its affiliated sectors

Council News
2020-06-05 00:24:32

The Self-Administration Committee of the Southern Transitional Council issued, on Wednesday evening, a decision to nominate chairmen and members of the financial, economic and supervisory committees on the various sectors of its administration.

The decision stipulated the formation of financial committee for the Self-Administration with six members headed by Dr. Jamal Mohamed Soroor.

The Self-Administration formed 7 economic committees to supervise the institutions in various sectors.

The committees included the supervisory sectors of the water and sanitation sector, the trade and industry sector, the oil and minerals sector, the transportation sector, the free zone sector, the education sector, and the agricultural sector.

The decision has given the committees the right to seek the assistance of personalities from outside to achieve their goals in coordination with the head of the Self-Administration.
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