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2020-09-18 00:00:00

The General Secretariat holds its weekly meeting and discusses latest developments in the South

Council News
2020-02-10 12:44:00

The General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council held on Monday its weekly meeting chaired by Ahmed Hamed Lamlas, the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council, the acting president of the Transitional Council.

The meeting discussed, in the presence of Major General Salem Abdullah Al-Sokatri, the Assistant Secretary-General, a number of national issues and developments in the South at the military and political levels, foremost of which are the repercussions of the Yemeni government’s attempts to enter the Coastal Defense Brigade to Aden the capital, with a number of terrorist elements, and the consequent Security tension witnessed in the Al-Alam region, east of Aden, and the efforts made to deal with it by national responsibility, which led to its suspension.

The meeting praised the courageous stance of the southern armed forces in their response to the attempt to enter known terrorist elements into the capital Aden, by the Yemeni government, under the guise of legitimacy, with the aim of confusing the security scene in the capital Aden and Lahj governorate.

In this regard, the meeting renewed the Southern Transitional Council's categorical rejection of the return of terrorist leaders and elements to any region in the south, and its intention to continue its efforts in combating terrorism and full cooperation with the international community in this aspect.

The meeting valued the efforts made by the leadership of the Arab Coalition in the capital, Aden, and its keen interest in implementing the Riyadh Agreement in accordance with the mechanism specified in its terms.

The meeting also previewed the political report submitted by the political department, which included a summary of the political updates and the most prominent developments on the political scene and the repercussions of attempts by the Yemeni government to circumvent the Riyadh Agreement regarding the implementation of some terms of withdrawals and the repositioning of the military forces.

The report included monitoring the most prominent international reactions on the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement and the military developments on the Yemeni scene.

In conclusion, the meeting reviewed a summary of the weekly achievement reports of the departments of the General Secretariat during the past week, in addition to a summary of the most important activities to be implemented during the next week.
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