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President Al-Zubaidi chairs meeting of leaderships of the Transitional Council

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2019-12-02 17:20:00

he President of the Southern Transitional Council, President Aidaroos Qasim Al-Zubaidi, chaired a meeting on Sunday in the capital Aden,

included a number of members of the Presidency of the Transitional Council, and members of the decision-making center, and the heads of the committees in the National Assembly, and heads of the departments of the General Secretariat, and local leaderships in the governorates of the South.

President Al-Zubaidi stressed at the meeting that the South and its cause have become a fact and official to the international and regional community.

President Al-Zubaidi added that "the Riyadh Agreement is a political gain and a victory for the people of the South and their cause with the blessing of the countries of the world for the agreement and their recognition in the representation of the Transitional Council of the People of the South in international forums.

and this would not have been possible without the sacrifices of the people of the South in defending their right and imposing their cause on the world. "

President Al-Zubaidi noted that the response of the Transitional Council to the Riyadh dialogue came upon the invitation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and from the highest levels in the Kingdom, and this is due to the special status and high understanding of the southern issue and its details and eligibility, and this has also been noticed in our meetings with many ambassadors and representatives of several countries.

Al-Zubaidi said: "Our goal is to restore our full sovereign state, for which many sacrifices have been made, as we hold the cause of whole people, not for a government post here or to get a ministry there."

President Al-Zubaidi concluded by stressing that the people of the south have enormous tasks that require redoubling efforts in building the institutions of the South by all.

President al-Zubaidi exchanged talks with the attendants and answered a number of queries they raised about the success of the Riyadh agreement.

On the other hand, the President of the Southern Transitional Council toured the departments of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Transitional Council and got briefed on the progress of its works and activities and interaction in society.
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