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The Transitional Council issues an important statement on the government attacks on unarmed citizens

2019-08-08 01:54:55

The Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council held an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday, chaired by Hani Ali Bin Brik, the Vice-President of the Transitional Council, and issued an important statement regarding the government attacks on unarmed citizens, here it is:

Statement issued by the extraordinary meeting of the Presidency of the Transitional Council held on Wednesday, 7/8/2019

Our Brave People of the South:  Under these delicate circumstances that our people are going through, and have reached an intolerable stage due to the policies of the successive governments of the Yemeni legitimacy that increased the suffering of the people because of its lack of responsibility towards our people, and its practice of corruption that has left the people trapped in suffering that besieged them in all sides of live, in services, security, living, and others, and this imposed on the Transitional Council to fulfill its responsibility as mandated by the people of the South, the Transitional Council has exhausted all means to work with those governments to bear their responsibilities.Unfortunately, these efforts have not been met by these governments, but have intensified their plots against our southern people, top of which is the handover of the fronts on the southern borders with the north to the Houthis, allowing the Houthis to return to the south, and on this day, they attacked with live bullets our peaceful unarmed people who participated in the funeral of the martyrs of the crime of Al-Gala'a camp, top of them the martyr Brigadier General / Munir Mahmoud Abu al-Yamamah.With these developments, the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council approved the following:First: Calling for our southern people and their resistance to march to Maashiq palace to overthrow the government of terrorism and corruption that is allied with the Islah terrorist party and put an end to its futility towards our people, with the confirmation on the preservation of the legitimacy of President Hadi, and get it rid of the dominance of the terrorist Islah party.Second: The Transitional Council affirms the continuation of partnership in the war with the Arab Coalition under the leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, to fight and stop the Persian Houthi expansion in the region, and continuing the partnership with the international community in the fight against terrorism.Third: The Transitional Council calls upon the leaders, officers and members of the southern military and security units to stand with the right of the people of the south and their just cause, and not to be dragged into facing this right under any circumstances.Fourth: The Transitional Council calls on the governors and directors of security and government and service departments in all the southern governorates to continue to perform their tasks, and to confront corruption in all its forms, and the Transitional Council, confirms that anyone who fails to do so will carry the responsibly against the people.Fifth: The Transitional Council affirms the protection of the lives, property and all the rights of our brothers from the north who are in the South, without breaching the security and stability of the South.Sixth: The Transitional Council affirms that the South is for all its people, calling on all our people in these delicate circumstances for more cohesion and solidarity, and not to leave any chance for those who lurk in the South cause, security and stability.

Loyalty and immortality to the martyrs of the Southern heroes,

Healing to the wounded

Pride and dignity for our steadfast southern people

Issued by the extraordinary meeting of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council held on Wednesday, August 8, 2019

Aden the capital.
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